24 or 27 Inch Monitor for Gaming – Which one is Better?

When it comes to gaming, there is a whole list of specifications required so that certain games can be enjoyed to the fullest extent. The specification involves the top-of-the-line set-up including the right keyboards, joysticks, graphic cards, and much more. 

Monitors are also an essential part of the gaming experience as the visual aspect of the game is very important. There is a lot of variety in the market when it comes to monitors but which monitor is best for gaming? Once we have decided which monitor to select, the second question is which size is best?

Professional gamers usually use the size of 24 and 27 inches which begs the question of which to choose. In order to make a decision, we need to analyze both the monitor sizes in detail and the difference each choice will make for a gamer purchasing them.

24-inch Monitors

A 24-inch monitor means that it is 61 cm big diagonally and this size is quite suitable for many operations such as normal surfing, spreadsheet work, and word processing. Since the focus of this article is on the needs of the gamers, we will talk about the usefulness of the monitor for gamers.

Surprisingly, the bigger the better does not apply in this case as the 24-inch monitor is highly sufficient for gamers. This goes especially for people who play FPS games as the enemy is easy to locate on a smaller screen. The smaller the screen the lesser the gamer needs to move his head in order to glance at the full picture.

Another good thing about this monitor is that it occupies less space. Not only is it easy to place in your room without creating clutter, but it is also lightweight and easy to carry in case you want to reposition the monitor. The 24-inch monitor also consumes less energy and can be less expensive as compared to a larger screen.

27-inch Monitors

A 27-inch monitor refers to a diagonal length of 69 cm and is suitable for users who want to experience high-quality resolution such as 4K. This monitor is ideal for gamers and multitaskers as it can replace the concept of two monitors with a split-screen. 

The problem with this monitor is that it occupies a lot of space and has a greater energy and power consumption as compared to the 24-inch monitor. Needless to say, this monitor is also more expensive than the smaller version of it. 

The user will also need to move the head constantly to be able to get the full view of the screen but that can be remedied by sitting at a distance. Despite the clutter, the quality that this monitor provides is amazing and worth the expense.

24 or 27 inch Monitor for Gaming

Whereas both the monitors have their benefits and disadvantages, we can see how they differ from each other at a glance. The first difference is that of immersion. The larger the monitor the more involved you are in the game you are playing.

This also goes for the curved monitor designs and the 24-inch monitor could not provide the same level of immersion. As far as the resolution is concerned, both monitors can provide a similar resolution, however, it may appear in a distorted form on the smaller screen.

The text and some details may be not visible in their correct form or the letters would be colliding with each other on a small screen. The 24-inch screen monitor may not even be compatible with certain ports.

Space is always an important thing to consider when getting a monitor as you don’t want your monitor to take over a major part of your room. The 24-inch monitor takes lesser space compared to the 27-inch monitor. The cost of the two monitors also varies with size, the larger monitor is going to be more expensive.

The expense is not only because of the LCD screen but also of the accessories that come with the monitor such as ports. Despite this difference in cost, the 27-inch monitor is working on making the product cost-effective as time passes.

24 and 27-inch Monitor; Which is Better?

Each monitor has its pros and cons but the choice of which monitor to choose would depend heavily on the needs of the buyer. As far as the cost is compared, the 24-inch monitor is cheaper in comparison with the 27- inch monitor. Of course, with price comes an increase in the quality of the video and a larger screen to enjoy. 

If one can afford the price, the 27- inch monitor can provide an excellent gaming opportunity. Most people have to build their gaming set-up inside their rooms and the 27-inch screen takes up a lot of space inside the room. If the clutter is not a problem and they can afford the price, this is an excellent option.

However, the more nominal and popular option for usual games is the 24- inch monitor as it is more user-friendly, occupies less space, provides the same resolution, and costs less than the 27- inch monitor. Not only does the 24- inch monitor help with the space but it is also ideal for FPS games.

The question that arises here is that if the 24- inch monitor was sufficient, to begin with, why was there a need for a 27- inch monitor. If the 27- inch monitor was nothing special, why would people pay extra for it?

Apparently, the bigger the screen the more immersive the experience. The 27- inch monitor indeed provides you with a visual experience that makes you travel inside the game. The real-time visuals and the realistic graphics add to the enjoyment of playing the game to the next level.

The 27- inch monitor is also useful when playing a two-player game that requires the use of the split-screen and the screen is divided into two parts. The extra inches ensure that both the players can easily navigate and play the game. 

The texts and the details are also comfortably spread on the screen providing no distortion of the images or the text which might be a problem on the 24- inch screen. The 27- inch monitor can also prove to be a better option if your set-up is at a distance from where you sit.

If your Monitor is on the wall and you are sitting on your bed in the middle of the room, the bigger screen could come as an advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Provides a Better Option for FPS Games Among the 24- inch Monitor or the 27-inch Monitor?

FPS games can be played more comfortably on the 24-inch monitor as compared to the 27- inch monitor due to the ease of navigation on a smaller screen.  

What is the Actual Difference in Size Between a 24- inch Monitor and a 27- inch Monitor?

24- inch monitor is 61cm diagonally and a 27- inch monitor is 69 cm diagonally.

Which monitor is Better for Resolution?

Both the 24-inch and 27-inch monitors can provide the same resolution, however, the 24- inch monitor may present some of the text as distorted or the letters would be too close to each other.


If the two monitors are to be compared, the more nominal and popular option for usual games is the 24- inch monitor as it is more user-friendly, occupies less space, provides the same resolution, and costs less than the 27- inch monitor.  However, a 27- inch monitor provides the user with a uniquely immersive experience that a 24- inch monitor cannot provide.

A larger screen also means that the seating arrangement can be arranged at a distance from the screen which makes it the perfect choice for larger set-ups.

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