2K VS 4K: Which One to Choose?

The question of the right resolution for you is long debated as the technology evolved presenting better options for your monitor. We started with the 720p and now we are talking about 2k and 4k resolution.

The resolution of your monitor is important whether you want to watch a movie or play a game. In order to select the appropriate resolution for your needs, you need to know more about the pros and cons of both options.

This article would shed some light on the 2k and the 4k resolutions, how they work and which one is better suited for your needs, not to mention, your budget.

What is 2K?

In terms of resolution, 2K is a term that is referred to the horizontal resolution of 2000 pixels against the vertical resolution of 1080p. Although this is the standard 2K resolution, there are certain variations in the resolution that are also accepted as 2K resolution. 

For instance, apart from the 2048p by 1080p that is the standard resolution, the other variants of the 2K resolution include 1998p by 1080p and 2048p by 858p. These resolutions are known as native resolution, flat cropped resolution, and CinemaScope resolution respectively.

The good thing about 2K resolution is that it is very popular and available in the market at cheaper rates. Since it was mass-produced, the 2K monitors are available in different monitor styles. Consequently, when a person goes to buy a 2K monitor, there are many choices to choose from that are well within the budget of the consumer. 

Despite the popularity of 2K, there is not a lot of content supported by this resolution. This could come as a drawback especially when the consumer is looking to play the latest games on the market on that monitor. 

What is 4K?

In terms of resolution, 4K is a term that is referred to the horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels against the vertical resolution of 2160p. Although this is the standard 4K resolution, there are certain variations in the resolution that are also accepted, for instance, 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) and 4096 × 2160 (DCI 4K) known as television and consumer media and movie projection industry respectively.

Although the 4K is not that popular in the market due to the high cost and low popularity of the product, it is slowly gaining more recognition. 4K resolution provides four times as much clarity as 2K. The immersive experience and the image clarity are unquestionable whereas the ideal screen size can come in handy in bigger rooms.

4K became especially popular in the gaming industry as the games and movies are now more realistic than before. The games were specifically designed to cater to a higher resolution making it a rare, more profitable business as fewer people had 4K resolution. 

Availability and cost are not the only things that make the 4K rare the energy consumed by 4K monitors is immense. Of course, the monitor has to be bigger than before as the higher the resolution, the bigger the screen required. 

If the budget is not a constraint, certain accessories are required to ensure the smooth flow of events. To cut a long story short, your simple PC might not be handling the 4K resolution and the power supply may not be enough to enjoy the immersive experience.

When the resolution increases, so does the price. This is not just because of the enhanced pixels but also because getting a bigger monitor, buying the accessories, getting a better PC with a strong GPU, catering to a higher energy level and the games available in 4K would also be more expensive and rarer.

Which One is Better: 2K or 4K?

As it always is while selecting a monitor, the first question is about the budget. If you have the budget to not only purchase the best PC in the world, the said monitor with the said resolution, buy all the accessories and the mentioned games that cater to 4K resolution, and resolve the energy consumption issues easily, then 4K resolution is a good choice. 

4k is also a good choice if you have an emphasis on grandeur rather than practicality as the screen is too big for anyone to enjoy up-close. 2K is not a bad option if you have budget constraints. Obviously, it doesn’t have the picture clarity of 4K but it is cheaper, popular, accessible and it consumes less energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is 4K Resolution Less Popular than 2K Resolution in the Market?

4K is less popular than 2K in the market due to its cost, energy consumption, scarcity, additional equipment, and the lack of variety in monitor designs with that resolution.

How Does the Increase in Resolution Affect the speed of a Game?

As the resolution increases, the speed decreases. The refresh rate would take more time to load four times as many pixels and would have to do four times as much work as your previous choice of fewer pixels.

Which Resolution Monitor is More Practical for Students?

Students mostly do not have enough room to cater to a bigger monitor nor would they be able to afford all the high-tech accessories of the 4K resolution. It is more practical for students to use the 2K resolution.


Certain things need to be seen when one is looking for the ideal resolution monitor for their homes or offices. The fact is that you need a bigger budget, bigger pockets, a bigger room, a stronger GPU, and a wider screen if you want a higher resolution.

If you have the budget to afford 4K, you should go for it for a better and more immersive experience. However, if you do not have the budget or the room or the need for a higher resolution, you should stick to the plain old 2K resolution.

If you are a gamer, a lower resolution will give you a better refresh rate, frame rate, and other benefits at a cheaper price.

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