About US

Monitors HUB is a dedicated website for computer monitors in which we compile solutions to the different problems related to the monitors. Also, we have in-depth reviews of the monitors, and more importantly, we have listicles of the monitors, allowing you to choose the right monitor according to your needs.

Our Story

Everything starts with a story, and the same is true with monitorshub.com. Eversince, we were kids (me & Saqlain), we badly struggled with display devices, particularly monitors (as we relied heavily on the monitors to play our favorite games).

Our interaction with the monitors is decades old, and I can clearly remember the challenges of getting a new monitor (Yeah you guessed it right, my first monitor was a complete mess).

After replacing our monitor nearly five times, I along with Saqlain finally got a better quality monitor, and everything was fairytale good, and all of a sudden it stopped working, and we had no clue what was wrong with this monitor.

This is only a single incident, and we have a decade full of such surprises.

We had this experience with the monitors for a very long, and it is until a few years back that we decided to share this knowledge of monitors with others. So, they would also benefit from our experience.

As a result, Monitorshub.com was established in which we provide in-depth solutions and reviews of the different problems associated with the monitors. So, you can make an educated decision about new monitors, and fix your existing monitors at your home without requiring any expert help.

Our Team

It’s our team that provides you with complete solutions, and detailed reviews about all the different monitors.

Testing Methodology

Unlike the other websites in a similar space that use other people’s data or test results to provide you with different solutions or product reviews, we thoroughly test products on our own and provide you with complete solutions, and genuine product reviews.

We have a complete testing lab that is purposefully made for testing out the monitor to provide you with detailed reviews and guides.

Another thing that distinguishes us from the crowd is that we buy products with our own money. In this way, the product reviews that you get are unbiased.

You can thoroughly read our testing methodology here.

Our Vision With the Monitors HUB

Our vision with the Monitors HUB is pretty straightforward. We want to provide our users with all the solutions related to the monitors, whether it be a how-to guide or listicles.

Thus, we have made details guide about different problems faced by the monitor users. Also, we have made complete guides about the best monitor (for X). So, you can get the right monitor for your needs.

Summing it up, our vision with monitorhub.com is to provide you with all the solutions related to computer monitors under a single roof.