AOC Monitor No Signal – Soluntions

AOC Monitor showing a ‘No signal’ is a very common issue. It might seem frustrating at first since there is not much you could do if the screen itself does not function. There could be various reasons for this issue but luckily in most cases, they can be solved pretty quickly and easily.

This article states a few easy steps which you can try when this issue occurs. Any of these could work for you so if one does not work, you can move on to the next way. 

AOC Monitor No Signal issue Solutions

If you are facing AOC Monitor No Signal issue, you can try the following ways, it will help you to solve your issue.

Method 1: Check the Connection

The first and obvious way to fix this issue is to make sure that the monitor is connected to other devices. Cords can easily loosen up when you move the monitor or other devices around. You might find a loose connection and fixing it might solve the issue for you. If the message on the screen says ‘AOC Monitor No Signal HDMI’, you first need to check the HDMI cable.

Make sure it is connected properly on both ends and is also free of dust and damage. You can plug it out and then plug it right back in and check if the issue is solved. If you see any wear in the cables, it is recommended that you replace them since the damages to cables are a common reason for this issue. 

Method 2: Using the Right Input Source

If the above method does not seem to work for you, then it possibly means that your computer is ignoring the graphic outcome of the PC. Or it could be sending the information to a place where it can not be displayed. 

A lot of monitors come with multiple input options. You need to make sure that you have the correct source for your computer. The fastest way to check the input source is to use a quick key. If your computer has a quick key that you can use for switching inputs, it will be immensely helpful. 

Method 3: Check Graphic Card’s Resolution

In certain cases, the graphic card of your PC is designed to display a resolution that your monitor can’t work with. So, it is recommended that you check the resolutions of both and make sure they align. 

After changing the display settings in the monitor, you can restart it and check if the issue still pertains. Windows uses a lower resolution by default, which you might want to check and change. You can check the manufacturers’ website to check which resolution is recommended for the monitor that you are using. 

Method 4: Update Graphic Card’s Driver

It is recommended that you update your graphic card’s driver. Since if it is not up-to-date, it might be the cause of the issue. You can set the settings to auto-update and also visit the manufacturer’s website if you are not sure if the update you have is the latest or not. If the graphic card is damaged or not working then you will need to change it. 

You can also opt for the ‘check for updates regularly’ option in the settings. You can use the Windows Update Tool since it is the most convenient way of updating the driver. If you do it manually, make sure to check the websites of your monitor and graphics card to make sure the updates are aligned with each other and work together well. 

Method 5: Reach out for Professional Assistance

You can contact AOC customer support for more guidance. In case the problem is severe you should get replaced with whatever is causing the issue. It is more convenient to get it replaced if the warranty period has not ended so make sure you check your warranty card. 

To Sum it Up

AOC No Signal issue is quite a common one and is usually fixed easily. The above article states some easy ways which you can try to fix it yourself at home. We hope the article is helpful and can assist you in dealing with the issue.

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