Asus Monitor Game Mode [Detailed-Guide]

Looking around in your Asus monitor, you might have come across something called ‘gaming mode’. If you are intrigued by it and wish to know what purposes it serves, this article might help you out. A lot is going on with your monitor even if you do not realize it.

It has many complex functions and settings and is fun to explore. Gaming Mode might just be one of that fun to explore features or it might seriously be of your use. In this article, we look into what gaming mode is for Asus Monitor and devices in general. And we will also see the various features and setting options in Asus Monitor’s gaming mode. 

Asus Monitor Game Mode

The following topics will provide you a detailed guide on the Asus Monitor Game Mode. Without wasting our time lets start our topic.

Gaming Mode Results in Minimum Input Lag 

Input lag is when it takes time for the screen to display the information that it has received from the signals via the video cable. The monitor takes time to apply the right display settings like brightness, contrast, etc., and light up portions of the LCD. If the time taken to get this work done is more than normal, it is called an input lag. 

Although for most LCD screens, input lag is generally very low in the context of human vision. It is between five and ten milliseconds. This lag usually goes unnoticed to the human eyes and more so if the audio is synced in correctly. So, this 1/100th of a second difference is not a big deal when watching TV. But while gaming this can be very significant. 

Gaming mode hence is useful since it strips down the time it takes to display the graphics so they can reach you as fast as possible. It skips some of the processing done to the image and the unprocessed operations are not as relevant. 

Color Setting

In Monitors, Gaming mode usually changes the colour setting to make the visuals look brighter and more appealing. This also helps draw attention to details which might prove to be very useful. Usually, for games, the colour setting preferred by most users is cool-toned. 

You can have your gaming mode do this for you or you can manually check the display setting and turn the visuals into cool-toned colours. 

Graphics of the most popular games these days are as simple as they can get to allow more devices to run the gaming program.

And so, if the game you are playing does not need the clearest vision or has low graphics itself, you might prefer the cool-toned colours more since they are less harsh on the eyes. This will make the long hours of gaming easier for you. 

Asus Monitor Gaming Mode

Asus users can set their gaming mode with certain features and settings. This is highly useful since the user can decide which gaming mode best suits their needs. The users can choose between four different gaming modes settings. 

The Gaming Mode 1 is a default setting and cannot be turned off. When you turn on a Gaming mode, its name will show up on the Gaming centre main page. To switch the gaming modes, open the gaming centre and press the gaming key option.

These Gaming Modes can be highly customized to suit different types of games and their graphics. You can choose one based on what seems the most comfortable to you while playing. All these modes have the same advantages as stated above and add to the experience of gaming. 

To Sum it Up

Gaming mode might be interesting to try out since it enhances certain features of your monitor and aids in better display. This article helps you to understand what gaming mode is and its main advantages. It also discusses the various gaming modes in the Asus monitor.

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