Best Monitor for RTX 2070 Super in 2022

Best Monitor for RTX 2070 Super

Your integrated standard graphics card built-in to your monitor might be good enough to surf the internet, watch TV shows and movies, do your regular work, and maybe some mild gaming. However, it might not be enough for your full-fledged gaming needs and video editing. Here is where an add-on graphics card can be installed …

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Best Monitors for Writers in 2022

Best Monitors for Writers

Are you a writer? Well, then you know the struggles of those early mornings, long days, and sleepless nights when you’re gulping a cup of hot coffee and straining your eyes at the screen for hours, trying to create content that is worthy for a read. So, a good monitor that’s friendly and comfortable for …

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Best Monitor for RTX 2080 in 2022

Best Monitor for RTX 2080

For doing regular work on your monitor, a CPU is quite essential; however, at times, especially while gaming, the CPU needs additional support. This support is found in a Graphics processing unit or Graphics card that accelerates the amount of time it takes to create images, videos, and likewise.  RTX graphic cards are considered among …

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Best Computer Monitor For Eye Strain in 2022

Best Computer Monitor For Eye Strain

Most people don’t really look specifically for a monitor that reduces the strain on their eyes or a monitor that has some Eye Care Technology. Though quite often neglected, it is an important and vital part of selecting a monitor. Eye Strain is not something that should be taken lightly or without caution, as it …

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Can a Computer Monitor be Used as a TV? [Detailed-Guide]

Can a Computer Monitor be Used as a TV

Why buy a monitor and a TV when you can turn your monitor into a tv? Yes, you have heard it right. You can use a computer monitor as a TV also. With just a click of a button, you can switch between a monitor and a TV. You will find many methods on the …

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Why Buy a Monitor Instead of a TV? [Detailed-Guide]

Why Buy a Monitor Instead of a TV

Monitors and TVs are getting popular these days because companies and brands are providing you with more enhanced features and specifications to beat their competitors and give their audience a better experience. If you look at experts’ advice or most people’s opinions, they suggest that a monitor is a more desirable option than TV. The …

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How to Split Screen on Two Monitors? [Detailed-Guide]

How to Split Screen on Two Monitors

Pro-gamers, professional video editors, heavy-duty online workers, and now office employees with heavy screen work are very impressed with the split screen and multiple monitors technology nowadays. They are getting in trend very quickly. They can also have a better-quality result and can increase their productivity with this arrangement. It is also easier to work …

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How to Change Hz on Monitor? [Detailed-Guide]

How to Change Hz on Monitor

Hz is a unit used to measure the refresh rate of monitors and systems. Refresh rate is defined as the ability of the monitor to refresh a picture number of times per second. It would be best if you had Hz or refresh rate to determine how much better and enhanced performance a monitor can …

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How Big is My Monitor? [Detailed-Guide]

How Big is My Monitor

Different monitors come with different screen sizes and display sizes that vary from brand to brand and technology to technology. You will find desktop monitors with sizes from 13 inches to 43 inches. Some people might use TV screens as their monitors that are up to 84 inches and more, and laptops come in 11.6 …

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Dual Monitors with Different Refresh Rates [Detailed-Guide]

Dual Monitors with Different Refresh Rates

Most users prefer dual monitors since it provides better assistance in studying, gaming, etc. With dual monitors, you don’t have to worry about switching tabs or using fewer apps at once. If you use dual monitors you might be concerned about them having different refresh rates and if it’s a good idea to adopt this …

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