Dual Monitors with Different Refresh Rates [Detailed-Guide]

Dual Monitors with Different Refresh Rates

Most users prefer dual monitors since it provides better assistance in studying, gaming, etc. With dual monitors, you don’t have to worry about switching tabs or using fewer apps at once. If you use dual monitors you might be concerned about them having different refresh rates and if it’s a good idea to adopt this …

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Best Ultrawide Monitor Under 300 Dollars in 2022

Best Ultrawide Monitor under 300

Many of us would go for ultrawide monitors if given the option, because why not. Whether you are watching a movie or gaming or simply just working, an ultrawide monitor gives you an immersive experience that a regular-sized monitor many a time doesn’t end up giving you such an experience.  An ultrawide monitor is equivalent …

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Best External Monitor For iPad Pro in 2022

Best External Monitor For iPad Pro

Working on iPad Pro can be restricted sometimes because of the smaller screen. No doubt, iPad Pro comes with plenty of software and features, but when you have to play games or do graphic designing, you sometimes require a broader area to work on. Using an external monitor with the iPad Pro is one of …

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Best Budget Monitor for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

best budget monitor for macbook pro

MacBook comes in different sizes, like 12″, 14″, and 16″, which is enough for everyday tasks. However, there are times when we need more screen real estate for complex tasks such as video editing, photo editing, or any other professional work. Buying an external monitor for MacBook can put a dent on your wallet. Thus, …

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Best Second Monitor for iMac (Reviewed in 2022)

Best Second Monitor for iMac

Having one screen is and can be limiting and frustrating, especially having to switch from one screen to another or scroll through because the data on your screen is small to view because you need to split your screen in order to work. For people whose work revolves around multitasking and having to switch between …

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Best Studio Monitor Under 500 Dollars in 2022

Best Studio Monitor Under 500

Are you looking to set up your studio at home? A pair of decent studio monitors would be a necessity for a complete home studio. So, if you plan to buy a respected monitor speaker, give our review article a read and find out the best studio monitors under 500. The market is flooded with …

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How to Use Dual Monitors with Graphics Card and Onboard

How to Use Dual Monitors with Graphics Card and Onboard

Using dual monitors can help you get your work done faster. They save your efforts of switching between taps and you can open multiple apps at once. For many gamers, researchers, editors, and artists, dual monitors can prove to be extremely useful. If you are planning to use dual monitors with a graphics card and …

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Best Monitor for Video Editing and Gaming (Reviewed in 2022)

Best Monitor for video editing and gaming

With all the equipment and software available in recent times, Gaming and Video Editing have really caught up and become famous in current times. Many folks are engaged in either of the two or even both. It isn’t like before where gaming and video editing was considered only a hobby; now it’s a job that …

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Studio Monitors VS Speakers – Which one is Better?

Studio Monitors VS Speakers

Studio Monitors are used in the process of recording, mastering, and mixing songs. There are various types of Studio Monitors, all for different purposes. These are different from the regular speakers that are used at home or events. Studio monitors are built to sound different and often need technical knowledge for handling.  In comparison, home …

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Best Monitor for Architecture Students (Reviewed in 2022)

Best monitor for architecture students

Architecture is a job that requires you to spend loads of time in front of a laptop or monitor screen. This is especially true for architecture students or people who are getting into the field of architecture. It isn’t like before when people spent hours together drawing up plans on paper. With the improvement in …

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