Difference between Ultrawide and Normal Monitor [DETAILED]

Difference between Ultrawide and Normal Monitor

Ultrawide monitors are becoming very common as compared to standard monitors due to the added benefits they provide. The size of ultrawide monitors is 33% more than normal monitors. Still, there is a lot of discussion about which is better for day-to-day use, so in this article, we will discuss in-depth the difference between ultrawide …

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Is a 60Hz Monitor Good for Gaming? [Detailed-Guide]

is a 60hz monitor good for gaming

If you have been looking for a gaming monitor lately, then you may have come across different monitors with different refresh rates. So, after checking out different monitor specifications, you want to know which refresh rate is good for you and is a 60hz monitor good for gaming or not? Hence, we came up with …

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Why Does My Monitor Keep Going to Sleep [Solutions]

why does my monitor keep going to sleep

Every one of us goes through the problem of system failures like a monitor screen turning off while we are working in an office or home. This problem can be hardware or software related, either of them can cause your screen to turn off randomly. If you are facing a problem and looking for a …

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