Backlight Bleed vs IPS Glow [Detailed-Comparison]

If you’re using a monitor with your computer or laptop, you need a good-quality screen. Although monitors are generally quite problem-free, you can have some issues with them when you own one.

When you view the black color screen, you may have noticed some lights coming from the sides of the monitor or TV screen. Backlight bleeding and IPS glow are two of the most common problems.

Their similarity leads to them being mistaken for one another; however, they are entirely different. If you want to know the difference between IPS Glow and Backlight Bleed, this is the right place to look.

Backlight Bleed vs IPS Glow – Comparison

First of all lets discuss each term in detail.

What is Backlight Bleed?

During backlight bleeding, which is also known as monitor bleeding, you see the light coming out of the edges of the screen, which is highly visible on a dimly lit monitor. 

You may find that monitors emit a glow around the edges, whether Full HD or HD. This is more apparent when viewing dark-colored images. You can see that the backlight extends beyond the monitor’s edges.

Due to manufacturing defects, this type of flaw is mainly found in cheap monitors, but it can also occur in some good monitors.

How to Fix Backlight Bleeding

Backlight bleeding has been explained. You could avoid suffering from this problem. This problem may not be completely eliminated. The following methods should decrease the likelihood of suffering from backlight bleed caused by some cheaper LCD monitors.

  • Consider investing in a high-quality monitor. A high-quality monitor will reduce the risk of backlight bleeding. A cheaper monitor is more likely to suffer from backlight bleed than a high-end monitor.
  • You might also consider an OLED monitor instead. Because they don’t have backlights, you won’t have to worry about bleeding. The lack of a backlight makes them slimmer and lighter than LCD monitors.
  • There are some unconventional methods you can try. One example is dismantling the display. You can then wrap electrical tape around the LCD edges. Make sure you do this carefully. You should get an expert’s help if you are unsure how to proceed.
  • Curved VA displays are prone to the problem. It appears only in pitch-black scenes and is not visible to the naked eye at other times.
  • Microfiber cloth rubbing can also fix IPS glow. Likewise, if you experience backlight bleeding, this fix might help.
  • In many cases, reducing screen brightness would also be effective, as it is with IPS screens.
  • Local dimming is also an option on some monitors, and you can turn it on, and it can make a big difference.
  • Understand the difference between IPS glow and backlight bleeding. You can eliminate IPS glow by changing the monitor’s angle. If it’s a backlight bleeding issue, this remedy will not be effective.

What is IPS Glow?

You may have already noticed some glow around the corners of your IPS display, which does not represent the colors accurately like the rest of the screen. It is called IPS Glow.

Human eyes perceive the IPS Glow as a faint glow emanating from each corner of the screen. An IPS display’s glow does not result from any defect; instead, it results from the manufacturing process.

It is important to remember that backlight bleeding and IPS Glow is two different things. Backlight bleed occurs at screen edges. IPS glow appears at the corners of the screen. As a result of how IPS works, this effect occurs.

According to the angle from which you view the screen, there may be some differences in the IPS glow. When you look at the backlight glow from different angles, the intensity usually does not change. But IPS glow changes when viewed from various angles.

It is also important to remember that IPS glow can neither be eliminated nor prevented. That is an inherent aspect of IPS screens.

However, screen quality does affect the amount of IPS glow. Make sure you choose an IPS monitor that is of high quality. That way, you are less likely to suffer from unwanted IPS.

How to Overcome IPS Glow

As with backlight bleeding, there isn’t a specific way to fix the IPS glow. You may not be able to eliminate problems related to IPS light glow entirely. However, preventing them is always better than resolving them.

If you want to reduce its visibility, there are some things you can do.

  • Make sure you test out the monitor before buying it. Reduce the brightness of the lights inside your room and limit the amount of bright light coming from outside. The darker the room, the easier it will be to find the IPS glow. As a result, you will be more likely to use the correct IPS glow fix.
  • Even high-end monitors can experience some IPS glow problems. Sometimes it’s visible even in regular room light. It is even visible in brightly lit rooms. Don’t buy such monitors. If you already own it, be sure to have it replaced or have the money refunded. This is something you must not compromise on.
  • You might notice a glow when viewing IPS monitors from certain angles. You see it on a second monitor since it isn’t directly in front of you. It may be beneficial to change the angle you view your display to minimize the glow.
  • If you use it in a dark environment, the IPS glow will be more visible. You’ll probably not even notice the IPS glow in a brighter room and with more natural light.
  • Alternatively, you could dim your monitor in addition to brightening your room. When your brightness is set to full, you will notice IPS glow. However, if your brightness is set to a little less bright, you might not see IPS glow.
  • Even if you have one already, you should avoid buying IPS monitors in the future. By doing so, you will avoid any glare issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the backlight bleed normal in the IPS display?

A laptop with an IPS display may experience some backlight bleeding to a certain extent. It is not normal if the whole screen is affected by backlight bleeding.

BLB can increase over time, but it won’t necessarily increase. Various factors come into play, such as how much pressure you apply to the screen to open it up and so forth.

Is it normal for IPS glow?

IPS glow is an often-noticed drawback associated with IPS panel monitors and TVs due to excessive light passing through the panel.

Does the backlight bleed affect the picture quality?

The quality of the picture is not affected by backlight bleed. Usually, the backlight bleed occurs at the edges of those monitors that have the issue. Backlight bleed, however, does not affect the center of the monitor.


Even the best monitors suffer from IPS glow and monitor bleed. Therefore, it may be impossible for you to eliminate the problem.

Backlight bleed and IPS glow are different despite their similarities. No matter if you have an IPS glow or bleed, you need to try and resolve the problem. Otherwise, it won’t be very pleasant. To tell which one you have, you need to notice where the light shines.

The problem is more likely to be caused by your IPS panel display if it appears only at the corners. However, if it’s along with your monitor’s corners and edges, then it’s probably the backlight bleeding.

You can claim the warranty and have your monitor replaced or repaired if there is backlight bleeding. It is better to check as soon as possible after purchasing a monitor if it is still in the replacement period.

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