Benefits of Ultrawide Monitor Setup [DETAILED GUIDE]

The element of size matters a lot in monitors as it has a direct impact on the quality of experience the user has as well as the cost involved.

There has been a lot of debate as to which monitor make and model to buy that fits your need. The question then arises as to what size should be purchased and why?

The size of a monitor does not only refer to length but also the width of the monitor. Nowadays, there is a great variety of monitors available in the market with different designs including curved and panoramic monitors. 

Usually, the bigger the product, the better the quality but are all ultrawide monitors as beneficial? How does it help to have an ultrawide monitor setup and who can benefit from it the most?

What’s an ultrawide monitor?

As the name indicates, an ultrawide monitor would be greater in size than a regular monitor but the question is how much? If the numbers are to be relied on, a normal screen would be 33% less in the area as compared to an ultrawide screen. 

This means that if a normal monitor will have a screen ratio of 16:9 then an ultrawide would have a screen ratio of 21:9. There are even bigger screens available at the ratio of 32:9 which act as a dual-screen or are at least as big as two screens submerged.

To sum it all up, an ultrawide monitor refers to a monitor that has a bigger screen than a normal monitor. While the bigger the better would suffice for most products, is an ultrawide monitor the right choice for you? What are the benefits of having an ultrawide monitor at your home?

Benefits of Ultrawide Monitor Setup

Excess Screen Area

There are many benefits of an ultrawide monitor setup some of which are as stated. The first benefit that comes to mind is the excess screen which comes in handy during graphic design projects. 

With a screen that is much wider than a normal monitor, the user can use these setups for games, movies, and much more. An ultrawide setup can be especially beneficial for people who work on spreadsheets or have to use multiple screens at once.

Single Monitor; Less Clutter

It is a common practice for people to use multiple monitors for a project because there simply isn’t enough room on one screen for all the different tabs. An ultrawide setup can be an alternative to having multiple monitors as it offers the option of a split-screen which divides the screens aiding the user.

Having a single monitor for all your work will also reduce the clutter in your room or your workspace as multiple monitors tend to take up a lot of space. Imagine jerking your neck, again and again, to view data on different screens and compare it with just a glance on the other side of the same screen; the difference is evident.

Better Resolution and Immersion

Not only does an ultrawide monitor setup gives you a bigger canvas to work on, but it also provides a better image quality. The pixels on an ultrawide monitor help you get better image quality, something that is vital for graphic designers and animators.

The games and movies have enhanced their graphics so that the user feels as if they are inside the screen and watching everything unfold from their own eyes. The concept of immersion is used to measure how much the graphics involve you inside the gameplay or the movie.

The ultrawide monitors are better at immersion than regular monitors. Regular monitors do not even come close to the enchanting experience that an ultrawide monitor setup can provide. It is for this reason that the ultrawide monitor setup is so popular for professional and domestic use nowadays.

Gaming Experience

In some games, the concept of an ultrawide monitor is quite popular because of the increased FOV. FOV refers to a field of view and is essential in having a better gaming experience. The increased FOV accompanied by a high-resolution exposure makes the ultrawide monitor setup an ideal choice for gamers.

A bigger screen can also come in handy while gaming when the gamers have to split the screen or play against each other. On a regular-sized monitor, the screen is divided to make it difficult for each player to concentrate but with an ultrawide monitor, the players can split the screen comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FOV in an Ultrawide Monitor Setup in the Gaming Section?

FOV in an ultrawide monitor setup in the gaming section refers to a field of view. In an ultrawide monitor setup, users experience an increased field of view which enhances the gaming experience.

How Can an Ultrawide Monitor Setup Decrease Clutter When it is Bigger than Normal Monitors?

An ultrawide monitor setup can reduce clutter as it can overcome the need for multiple monitors by introducing split screens to manage different tabs comfortably. 

How is an Ultrawide Monitor Setup Cost-Efficient As it Costs More than a Regular Monitor?

An ultrawide monitor setup is cost-efficient in many ways. First of all, an ultrawide monitor setup will increase productivity, and thus more work will be done. An ultrawide monitor might also be a replacement of multiple monitors which might cost more than one simple monitor and in the long run, it would be a cost-efficient investment rather than a one-time expense.


In conclusion, there are many benefits of having an ultrawide monitor setup. It increases productivity and clears off the clutter from your desk giving you a compact and user-friendly environment to work in.

An ultrawide monitor setup will also provide you with a better resolution and spare you the difficulty of managing multiple monitors. If that is not enough, the immersive experience of having an ultrawide monitor setup will help you experience movies and games as you have never before.

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