Best 24 Inch Monitor for Mac Mini in 2022 [UPDATED]

By using the right monitor with your Mac Mini can take full advantage of this machine. However, finding and choosing the right monitor for the Mac Mini can be a very challenging activity, as you would be spoiled by the availability of choices.

Thus, we have compiled this complete guide, in which we have put together a complete list of the best 24-inch monitors for Mac Mini in 2022.

So, you can easily pick up the best 24-inch monitor for Mac Mini according to your needs.

List of the Best 24 Inch Monitors for Mac Mini in 2022

1. SAMSUNG SR35 Series 24-Inch FHD IPS Monitor

SAMSUNG SR35 Series 24-Inch FHD IPS Monitor

The SAMSUNG SR35 Series 24-Inch FHD IPS Monitor with its superior design, stunning screen, a fantastic set of display features is the best 24-inch monitor for Mac Mini in 2022.

This monitor has a frameless design, which allows you to immerse yourself in the content without any obstruction. So, you can focus more on the content, and lesser on the bezels. Moreover, the overall build quality of the monitor is also fantastic.

The stand on this monitor is also quite good and provides excellent support to the monitor screen.

Coming to the display of the monitor. This monitor offers superior display performance. With its high-quality IPS panel, this monitor is capable of providing you with sharp colors, wide viewing angles, and excellent contrast.

There is a wide color gamut on this machine, which allows you to enjoy extensive colors. In this way, the picture on the screen is very close to life.

Moreover, the contrast and brightness on this monitor screen are also worth mentioning. Thus, the screen is well-lit and has deep blacks with pure whites, which is truly amazing.

The SAMSUNG SR35 Monitor is capable of providing you with FHD resolution. So, you get the proper detail of the screen.

Furthermore, it has a 75hz refresh rate, and 5ms GTG response time, which keeps your content lag-free on the screen.

Additionally, there is the AMD FreeSync, and dedicated gaming modes for your casual gaming needs.

In order to keep stress away from your eyes, this monitor comes with a Flicker-free mode, and a Blue-light filter. Hence, you can work for extended hours.

It comes with HDMI as well as the legacy VGA input, which makes sure, you do not need any external dongles for connection to Mac Mini.

• Affordable
• FHD Screen
• Excellent Design
• IPS Panel
• Eye-Comforting Technologies
• Superior Response Time
• Different Connectivity Options
• No DisplayPort

2. LG 24MP60G-B 24″ Full HD IPS Monitor

LG 24MP60G-B Monitor

LG is the leading manufacturer of displays, and this particular monitor model shows you why is it so. The LG 24MP60G-B 24″ Full HD IPS Monitor has a sleek & stylish design.

Moreover, it has the gaming essence in it, which makes it a lucrative pick for Mac users seeking a funky-looking monitor.

Likewise, the bezels on the monitor are very slim, providing an excellent screen-to-body ratio. On top of that, it also has a very functional stand, as it fully supports the monitor screen, and supports the tilt movement. Additionally, it also has VESA compatibility, which means you can mount this monitor on third-party compatible stands.

The screen on this monitor has an IPS panel and provides FHD resolution. Hence, the display on this monitor is fantastic with excellent details.

It has a wide color gamut, and the colors on the screen are well-calibrated straight out of the factory. In this way, you do not have to manually tune the colors.

Even if you are not satisfied with the preset configuration. You always have the luxury of switching between different modes using the OSD.

The brightness and contrast are on par with the overall quality of the monitor and enhance the overall display experience on the monitor.

It has a 75hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time for buttery performance on the screen. Likewise, it comes with the Adaptive-FreeSync technology, which locks the refresh rate of the monitor with the graphics card to avoid screen tearing issues.

There are plenty of modes available on this monitor including the Gaming Mode, which adjusts the performance of the monitor for gaming.

Also, it has the Crosshair, and Blackhair stabilizer mode, which comes in very handy in competitive gaming scenes.

Amazingly, it comes with a dedicated Reading Mode, which soothes the lights on the monitor screen. So, you can read your favorite E-books or do your tasks easily.

Besides, it comes with Flicker-free technology. So, there is no stress on your eyes, even when you are working long hours.

Lastly, it has HDMI, and Displayport connectivity. So, connecting it to the Mac Mini won’t be an issue at all.

• Aggressive Design
• Wide Color Gamut
• Low Response Time
• Dedicated OSD Features
• Different Connectivity Options
• The screen is a Little Glossy

3. AOC G2490VX 24″ Frameless IPS Monitor

AOC G2490VX Monitor

Third on our list is the AOC G2490VX, which is another spectacular monitor for Mac Mini on our list. This monitor is time-tested with thousands, and thousands of positive reviews all over the internet.

The design of this monitor is very trendy with the usage of red and black colors. Also, the monitor is frameless, with minimum bezels.

The stand of the monitor is basic, however, it does a fantastic job of holding the monitor screen in place, which is amazing.

Most importantly, this monitor comes with a high-quality IPS panel, which ensures a wide color gamut, extensive viewing angles, and eye comfort.

This monitor comes with a 126% sRGB wide color gamut, which allows you to have more colors on the screen. Besides, it also has superior contrast and brightness.

The FHD resolution on this monitor is perfect. You will have a detailed view of your content on the monitor screen.

The 144hz refresh rate along with the 1ms response time makes this monitor a perfect fit for your gaming needs. Plus, it has the FreeSync Premium technology built-in, which is perfect for keeping you away from tearing and lagging issues.

AOC LowBlue Mode and the Flicker-free mode keep you safe from the harmful effects of the UV rays.

Lastly, it comes with HDMI, and DisplayPort connectivity, which allows you to easily plug the monitor directly into the Mac Mini.

• Stylish Design
• FHD Resolution
• Wide Color Gamut
• 144hz Refresh Rate
• 1ms Response Time
• Eye Comforting
• No Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Best 24 Inch Monitor for Mac Mini?

The SAMSUNG SR35 Series 24 Inch FHD IPS Monitor is on top of our list with its affordable pricing, frameless design, high-quality IPS panel, and superior refresh rate is the best 24-inch monitor for Mac Mini in 2022.

What are the Connection Methods on the Mac Mini?

The Mac Mini comes with HDMI and USB-C connectivity options. Therefore, we recommend getting a monitor which comes with either of these ports.

Can I Use TV as Mac Mini Monitor?

Yes, you can use the TV as a Mac Mini monitor. All you have to ensure is that it comes with an HDMI port. However, we do not recommend using a TV with the Mac Mini as a monitor.


No doubt, Mac Mini is a very powerful device, which is capable of providing you with superior performance. Picking the right monitor for your Mac Mini can be very challenging.

Thus, we have compiled a complete list of the best 24-inch monitors for Mac Mini. The SAMSUNG SR35 Series 24-Inch FHD IPS Monitor on top of our list with its frameless design, stunning screen, and other advanced features is the best 24-inch monitor for Mac Mini.

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