Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 500 USD in 2022 [UPDATED]

If you are looking to get the Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 500 USD in 2022, you have landed on the right blog post.

After deep research, testing, and market feedback, we have compiled a complete list of the 3 best 32-inch monitors under 500. So, you can easily choose the right monitor for your needs.

That being said, let’s jump right into the matter.

List of the Best 32 Inch Monitors Under 500 USD in 2022

1. SAMSUNG UR59 4K Curved Monitor

SAMSUNG UR59 4K Curved Monitor

The SAMSUNG UR59 Curved Monitor with its amazing-quality screen, excellent design, and top-notch features is the best 32-inch 4K Monitor Under 500 USD in the market right now.

The design of this monitor is striking. It comes with a very sleek, and modern design. The curves on the screen with a curvature of 1500R and the very slim bezels make it a frameless monitor. There is no obstruction between you and your content.

Just like the overall design of the monitor, the design of the stand is just amazing. It is very compact and keeps the monitor stable at the same time. There is only a single tilt adjustment on this monitor, which won’t be an issue as it comes with VESA mount compatibility.

Apart from that, the stand comes with a cable management system, which ensures there is no cable cluttering on your desk.

The display on this monitor is stunning. The colors are crisp, with a real-to-life experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies, and shows better than ever.

Most importantly, the display on this monitor supports 4K content, which means your get 4X the video quality of the standard FHD content. In this way, you can have a detailed view of your content.

With the availability of billions of color choices, your content is richer with more color shades.

Likewise, the contrast with the 2500:1 ratio is superb. It provides you with deep black, and pure whites for sharp colors, and text.

Also, the brightness on this monitor screen is too-notch, which allows you to use this monitor even in the brightest of rooms.

The refresh rate and the response time on the monitor are also quite satisfactory. It comes with a 60hz refresh rate, and a 4ms response time, which means there won’t be any lag or delay in the videos, and shows.

There are various eye-comforting technologies used in this monitor including the Flicker-Free Technology, and the Blue-Light Filter. These certified technologies keep the stress away from your eyes, allowing you to work for an extended period.

Similarly, it comes included with several multi-tasking technologies including the PBP (Picture-by-Picture) technology which allows you to combine videos from multiple sources for the next level of multi-tasking.

Moreover, there is the easy-switching method with multiple HDMI ports available. This feature allows you to seamlessly switch between different sources including the PC, laptop, and gaming consoles.

• Curved Display
• Sleek & Stylish Design
• 4K Resolution
• Eye Comforting Technologies
• Sharp Colors
• Advanced Multi-Tasking Technologies
• No FreeSync

2. LG 32UN650-W UHD Monitor

LG 32UN650-W UHD Monitor

LG Does not need an introduction in the display world, as its the pioneer of nearly all the latest display technologies. This IPS monitor is the perfect representation of LG’s capabilities in the display segment.

Firstly we would discuss the overall design of the monitor, which is clearly inspired by the LG’s flagship-series monitors, providing it with sleek & stylish looks.

It’s a frameless monitor with very slim bezels and a fantastic screen-to-body ratio.

The stand of this monitor is also superb, it not only keeps the monitor stable, but also provides you with multiple adjustment options including the tilt, pivot, and height-adjustment options.

The best part about this monitor is its display, which comes with a high-quality IPS panel, allowing wide-viewing angles, 4K resolution content, wide-color gamut, and superior contrast.

There is the 95% Color Gamut which provides you with a variety of color choices, ultimately uplifting your video-watching experience.

Also, the contrast and brightness on this IPS panel are worth-admiring and complement the display quality of the monitor.

Amazingly, there is the HDR10 compatibility, which allows you to enjoy cinema-quality picture quality at your home.

LG ships this monitor with color calibration. Hence, you do not need to manually tune the picture on this monitor.

There is a 60hz refresh rate, 5ms GTG response time, and AMD FreeSync compatibility for playing your favorite AAA titles on the weekends.

Additionally, there are decent connectivity options available on this monitor including the HDMI, and DisplayPort connectivity options.

Lastly, it has two powerful MAXX Audio tuned speakers, which eliminate the need for external speakers.

• Sleek Design
• Fully Adjustable Stand
• 4K IPS Panel
• Wide Color Gamut
• FreeSync
• Built-in Speakers
• Backlight Needs Improvement

3. ASUS VG32VQ TUF Gaming Monitor

ASUS VG32VQ TUF Gaming Monitor

Last not least, we have the ASUS VG32VQ TUF Gaming Monitor, which is the perfect pick for seeking the best 32-inch gaming monitor for under 500 USD.

The gaming aggression is quite evidentent from the monitor. It has a matt black finish with a little touch of red color.

Also, the screen on the monitor is immersive with the curvature, and the slim bezels which allow you to have a clear view of the screen.

The stand is also fully adjustable with tilt, pivot, and height adjustment options on-board.

Talking pixels, the screen on this monitor is top-notch, and support QHD  (2560 x 1440) resolution. So, you can enjoy your games in proper detail.

Moreover, the picture is also very sharp, with excellent contrast, and brightness. There is also the wide-color gamut on this monitor which is there for vivid color options.

The 144hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and Premium FreeSync make it a right fit for seasoned gamers.

Also, there is the ASUS’s signature Extreme Low-Motion Technology, which keeps your screen free from blurring, ghosting, and tearing issues.

Moreover, there are different gaming modes available, which adjustment the colors, and brightness according the the genre of the games.

The connectivity options are also great on this machine, as it comes with dual-HDMI ports, as well as a DIsplayport, which is absolutely amazing to have.

Lastly, it comes with dual-speakers, which means you do not need to spend extra money on buying new speakers every now and then.

• Gaming Design
• QHD Resolution
• 144hz Refresh Rate
• FreeSync
• Eye-Comfort Technologies
• Built-in Speakers
• No 4K

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 500?

The SAMSUNG UR59 Curved Monitor is the best 32-inch monitor that you can get for under 500 USD.

Can We Get a Good Quality 32 Inch Monitor Under 500?

Yes, you can get a good-quality 32-inch monitor for under 500 USD. Above, we have compiled a complete list of the best 32-inch monitors under this budget. In this way, you can pick the monitor which suits your needs.

What is the Best Resolution for a 32 Inch Monitor?

If you have a 32-Inch monitor, then it should have the 4K resolution. So, you can have a clear view of your screen.


Seeking the right monitor for your needs under a tight budget can be quite stressing task to do. Therefore, we have put together a list of the best 32-inch monitors under 500 USD available in the market.

The SAMSUNG UR59 Curved Monitor with its immersive design, stunning display, and a fantastic range of high-tech features is the best 32-inch monitor under 500 USD.

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