Best Large Monitor for Construction Plans in 2022

You might think that choosing a monitor for construction plans must be pretty straightforward. But, many things go into consideration before one selects a monitor for planning out construction projects.

Architects go for monitors with a big screen so that the plans can easily be displayed. It should even have great color and brightness and display any contrast as accurately as possible to show the projects in the manner intended. Whatever your budget, these are some of the specs to look for.

Fear not; we have put together some of the best large monitors for your construction plans. Let’s jump right in.

Best Large Monitor for Construction Plans Comparison Table 2022

1. LG 34WN80C-B UltraWide Monitor

LG 34WN80C-B UltraWide Monitor

The LG 34WN80C-B is an Ultra-Wide monitor that sports a whopping 34-inch display and has an overall professional look. The monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio and curved screen, which allows you to display all your construction plans well and can be seen by multiple people simultaneously due to the curved display. Its Ultra-wide display makes it ideal for multitasking or even a comfortable display of various plans at the same time.

It has an excellent Ultra-Wide Quad HD resolution of 3440 x 1440. With your 21:9 aspect ratio, the display gives you an impressive 10 PPI. The side and top bezels are super thin, making the screen look larger and giving you maximum screen space. 

This monitor is an IPS panel type with a coverage of 99% of the sRGB spectrum that displays colors in their true sense. The brightness level of the monitor is up to 300 cd/m2. You even get a 60Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync and an average response time of 5ms.

Speaking of connectivity, it has one USB Type-C port which allows for a 4K display, two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort, a pair of USB 3.0 ports and a headphone jack. The surface is Anti-glare, and the display can tilt, and its height can be adjusted to some extent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any built-in speakers.



2. SAMSUNG 49-INCH Monitor

The SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA is a curved HDR 49-inch monitor. It has a 4800R curvature which helps you keep a constant focus on the screen even if you are sitting at a distance. The benefit of curved monitors is that it reduces the focus shifts made by your eyes and hence causes less fatigue and comfortable viewing over time. So, if you need to pour over the construction plans for a long time, this will make it comfortable and easy.

It has a max screen resolution of 5120 x 1440p. You also have an excellent refresh rate of 120Hz which means that your display will show a new image 120 times per second, resulting in fewer delays between every frame and overall results in less input lag. In addition to the refresh rate, you also have AMD FreeSync II, which removes screen tears and any stutter delay giving you a smooth display of your construction plans.

Apart from the resolution and the refresh rate, the display supports approximately 1.07 billion colors and comes with a static contrast ratio of 3000:1. It has a decent response time of 4 ms, which works quite ideal for this line of work. The monitor has a high brightness of 1000 cd/m2 and QLED backlighting, giving you brighter and truer colors. You even get a fantastic 125% of the sRGB gamut with the use of Quantum Dot Technology.

Connectivity-wise it has one HDMI 2.0 output and two DisplayPort 1.4 ports. You also have two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and two USB 2.0 Type-A ports for connecting peripherals. Its enormous size is a pro and also a con because to fit such a large monitor display; you would need ample space to set it up. Plus, this monitor falls in a pretty high price range.



3. ASUS VA32UQ 31.5” Monitor

ASUS VA32UQ 31.5” Monitor

The Asus VA32UQ is an HDR Adaptive-Sync VA monitor with a display size of 31.5-inches and comes equipped with many features for the screen to help make your viewing experience more optimal. It is a VA panel type that has not that great color accuracy compared to the IPS panel type. This monitor falls into a pretty affordable price range.

It has a 4K screen resolution of 3840 x 2160, plus it also has a 3000:1 static contrast ratio and wide 178-degree viewing angles. The display even supports 1.07 billion colors and a brightness of 300 nits. You even get a high refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 4ms. For screen tears, the monitor also has AMD FreeSync Technology.

Many large screen monitors cannot be mounted onto a wall due to their size, but this one doesn’t face any issue. The monitor has an easy mount system as it supports VESA. The monitor’s panel doesn’t come with borderless bezels, which is sometimes distracting for the user and many monitors in today’s day and age give you borderless bezels for smooth widescreen viewing.

It comes with ASUS Eye Care Technology, including Ultra-Low Blue Light Monitor and Flicker-Free Technology that protects your eyesight and reduces the strain while you pour over construction plans.

The monitor even comes equipped with 2W speakers that work moderately well. You have a single DisplayPort and a headphone-out, and two HDMI ports. Ergonomically, sadly, the stand that comes with this monitor can only tilt and doesn’t provide you with any other range of motion.



4. ViewSonic VX4380-4K Monitor

ViewSonic VX4380-4K Monitor

The ViewSonic VX4380 is a great monitor with a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160. Its 4K Ultra HD resolution displays 8 million pixels, which enhances the images with clarity and detail. It has a 43-inch display screen that is quite big enough to display all your construction plans easily. This monitor sports an IPS panel that supports 10-bit color depth, which gives you vibrant and accurate colors.

You get a consistent brightness of 350 cd/m2 from any angle, and you also have a 178-degree viewing angle. It has a low response time of 12 ms and an excellent refresh rate of 60Hz. This monitor’s aspect ratio is 16:9, and it has a static contrast ratio of 1100:1.

One of its characteristics that sets it aside from the others is the PiP and PbP modes that allow you to display four different Full HD 1080p resolution images simultaneously. This monitor comes equipped with a Blue Light filter and Flicker-Free technology to give users comfort while using the monitor for extended periods.

You even get two 7W built-in speakers that do a pretty decent job. The VX4380 has excellent connectivity options ranging from HDMI, DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort output and even three Type-A USB ports. This monitor’s control buttons are on the back of the monitor, which is not convenient and, at times, difficult to access.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Monitors for architecture should have a large screen that is feasible for the user and features that enhance the images and plans like good color performance and resolution. Eye Care technology is an added bonus.

Architects use monitors in sizes 30- 32 inches and above for their work. 

Monitors with the size of 27 inches would be the best monitor size for developers.

The Apple 32-inch Pro Display XDR is considered one of the best monitors for drawing.


Choosing a monitor for construction plans is simple, but it isn’t always straightforward. You have to look for the specs that you need as an architect or related person. Whatever monitor you choose for construction, make sure it fits your construction needs. We hope that our recommendations have made your work easier.

Happy Working!

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