Best Monitor Size for Programming [2022 UPDATED]

We hope you would agree with us, when we say, “Having the right monitor size for programming can boost your productivity”.

 Thus, we often get asked questions regarding the best size of the monitor for programming. Instead of answering these questions one by one, we have compiled this complete guide, in which we have answered all of your questions regarding the perfect size of the coding monitor.

So, you can write more code, and increase your workflow.

That being said, let’s jump right into the matter, and check out the details of the matter.

What’s the Best Monitor Size for Programming?

32-inches is the sweet spot for the programming monitors, as it is neither too big nor too small. Also, we would advise you to get an ultrawide monitor, as it provides you with more horizontal space for the code.

This extra horizontal space can also come in handy for adjusting two tabs on the window simultaneously, which is quite amazing. In this way, you can also avoid using the dual monitor setup.

On the other hand, if you want to use the 16:9 aspect ratio monitors, we would recommend you to join two 24-inches monitors for the dual monitor setup, as it is the best combo out there, and many avid programmers use it actively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Best Monitor Size for Programming?

There is nothing like the best monitor size for programming. Still, 32-inches is the sweet spot for the programming monitor. A wide range of programmers said that they like a bigger screen which provides them with more screen real estate, and they can write code more efficiently.

Should We Get a Monitor With Higher Refresh Rate or Resolution for Programming?

There is no point in spending extra money on getting a monitor with a higher refresh rate, and resolution if you are using it solely for the coding purpose. As a programmer, you are writing some lines of the code which you can also write on the normal monitors without the bells and whistles.

Should We Use the Dual Monitor Setup for Programming?

Yes, you should use the dual monitor setup for programming, as it can boost your productivity. It’s the reason a huge chunk of the coders uses a dual monitor setup.

Are Curved Monitors Better for Programming than Flat Screen Monitors?

Yes, curved screen monitors are better than flat-screen monitors for programming, as they provide you with immersive views of the screen, and you do not have to move your head around to have the proper view of the screen.


Getting the right-sized monitor for programming is crucial. Newbies, as well as season programmers often ask us what’s the sweet spot for a gaming monitor?

Instead of answering these questions one by one, we have put together this detailed guide, in which we have answered all the questions regarding the screen size of a programming monitor. So, you can choose the right gaming monitor for your needs with the perfect size.

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