Best Monitors for Writers in 2022

Are you a writer? Well, then you know the struggles of those early mornings, long days, and sleepless nights when you’re gulping a cup of hot coffee and straining your eyes at the screen for hours, trying to create content that is worthy for a read. So, a good monitor that’s friendly and comfortable for your eyes becomes essential. 

If you’re looking for one, then your search ends right here. Here’s a list of five of the best monitors for writers that you can check out!

List of the Best Monitors for Writers in 2022

1) BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor

BenQ 2 Inch IPS Monitor

The BenQ 2 Inch IPS Monitor is a really great option for everyday or office use. It has almost all the specs that a writer would look for. With all of the features that it has, it is very affordable and falls within a good budgeted amount.

This monitor is a 23.8 inch Full HD Monitor. It has AH-IPS Panels which are the highest versions of IPS Panels. This ensures great color accuracy and pixel density. For this budget, the picture quality of the monitor is very good. It gives great attention to detail and makes the writer’s writing and work look overall sharp. 

It has a brightness level of 250 nits and has no dead pixels. Again, a very good spec for this price range. BenQ 24 Inch monitor comes in a frame-less design which makes the screen look overall big and comfortable to look at.

Ergonomically there are a few flaws. The monitor doesn’t have great functionality in terms of adjusting height, swivel, and screen rotation. All this is missing. It can only tilt -50/200. Overall, it has a great build and feel and has a good premium look to it. It has quite a few connectivity options, which include ports for HDMI, Display port, VGA, and even for a headphone jack.

The best thing about this monitor and why it is ideal for writers is that this monitor is in its range of Eye-Care Monitors. They have Low Blue light performance and are Flicker-Free which are good for our eyes and are especially beneficial for writers. 



2) Dell S Series S2318H Monitor

Dell S Series S2318H Monitor

The Dell S Series S2318H Monitor is a very elegant and stylish monitor that has a full HD resolution, i.e., 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is in a very affordable range and has a great display with an overall sturdy build. It is sized at 23.8 inches and has a brightness of 250 nits.

Though this is not something that writers look for in their monitor, its speakers are loud and have great sound quality. The screen allows for wide viewing angles, which are enabled by their in-plane switching technology. This, too, comes with a feature that tries to eliminate or minimize blue-light emissions, which are harmful to the eyes. Ergonomically it does well with a tiltable stand and an angle range of -50-210.

What makes it stand out from the others is its 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty, which ensures the user some peace of mind that if anything were to happen, they can get it replaced easily.

The S2318H doesn’t have great connectivity and comes with one of an HDMI Port, VGA and audio in and out. Many users find this difficult as connectivity is something quite important. 



3) ASUS Designo MZ27AQ Monitor

The ASUS Designo MZ27AQ Monitor is sleek and stylish with an ultra-slim monitor and a frameless panel design. It is extremely slim, with it being 7 mm at the thinnest point. This makes it easy to fit and sit on your desk and takes up the minimum space possible. It comes in a 27-Inch WQHD IPS monitor. The Wide Quad High Definition gives a top-of-the-class resolution of 2560 x 1440. 

The favorite spec among the users is its 2.1 channel audio performance and comes with not one but two 6W speakers, which Asus developed in collaboration with Harmon Kardon. This ensures a good listening experience with clear sound for the user.

Asus has its own exclusive Ultra-Low Blue Light Technology, which protects the eyes from the blue light emitted by monitors. This is not all that there is in terms of eye care. It comes with four blue light filter settings which can be found on the onscreen menu and can help the user decide the setting as per their convenience. It has its own Flicker-Free Technology, which minimizes the flickering so that you need not squint or strain your eye. 

This has connectivity issues in terms of the lack of ports available for connection. It comes with only two HDMI Ports, one DisplayPort and a 3.4 mm audio jack port. Many users feel that this is not enough, and they require some more connectivity. The ASUS Designo MZ27AQ Monitor is, however, priced at a bit higher side.



4) LG 32MP58HQ-P 32 Inch IPS Monitor

LG 32MP58HQ-P 32 Inch IPS Monitor

LG 32MP58HQ-P 32 Inch IPS Monitor is an inexpensive monitor with an impressive screen size of 31.5 inches. For this moderately low price, it comes with an IPS Panel and a 1080p resolution. It has a very minimalist overall look, and the bezel around the screen is of an appropriate size which makes the viewing experience great. It has a matt finish screen.

It comes with an anti-glare coating which reduces the reflections of light coming from the outside. However, it doesn’t accompany an ambient light sensor. An ambient light sensor adjusts the screen’s light according to the natural light where the screen is placed. 

What makes the monitor stand out from the others is its Display Split 2.0 function. However, this function tends to malfunction or not function at all for some users. 

It has very low connectivity with only two HDMI Ports and no port for an audio jack. It supports total tilt but doesn’t come with a swivel stand which might be uncomfortable for some users in terms of ergonomics. 



5) LG 24MP88HV-S Screen LED-Lit Monitor

LG 24MP88HV-S Screen LED-Lit Monitor

The LG 24MP88HV-S Screen LED-Lit monitor is priced at a moderate range among others in the list. It has a 23.8-inch IPS Panel screen with a 1080p resolution. It has a great slim look to it and an overall matte finish. It has an ultra-thin bezel surrounding it which is barely 2.5 mm thick which gives it an extremely sleek appearance and an infinity screen-like look. 

This, too, like most LG laptops, comes with an Anti-glare coating. The monitor is accompanied by two 5-watt in-built speakers. They are okay to listen to but are not up to quality. Its brightness is at 250 nits which is common among monitors with IPS panel. It has some great connectivity with two HDMI ports, one VGA port, and an audio-in jack, and a headphone jack. It is also accompanied by a joystick control for the OSD menu system.

The stand provided with the monitor is limited to only tilting and doesn’t come with a swivel stand which makes it ergonomically uncomfortable for some users. 



Bottom Line

When choosing a monitor for yourself as a writer, firstly assess the things that you would want in your monitor. You need not go for something flashy but something that is comfortable and makes those long hours sitting in front of the screen comfortable. 

All the monitors that we have listed above are the best monitors for writers. It’s all about looking for the things you want and require and making it fit for you. We hope this article was helpful and you’ll be able to find the monitor that suits your writing needs and requirements. Happy Writing!

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