What is the Best Resolution for 32 inch Monitor? [Updated]

There’s no doubt about the fact that monitors with the highest resolutions provide us with the sharpest media quality.

The crucial thing here is, how would the display resolution look on a particular screen size.

You can’t expect to have the same resolution for all size monitors, for example, if you keep the same resolution for a 32-inch as you kept for a 40-inch, it will result in a smaller pixel pitch.

To clear your doubts about the best resolution for a 32-inch monitor, we decided to come up with this article.

Best Resolution For 32 inch Monitor

For your 32-inch monitor, an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels will provide you with the best space and perfect display size for you to view your favorite content.

For the sharpest production of images, screens with the highest possible resolutions are the best. It’s a simple principle: the higher the detail resolution, the better. The detail resolution is measured in pixels per inch (PPI).

Another Import Factor to Consider

The thing to consider when deciding upon a resolution is how far you would be from the monitor, the distance plays an important role. You should be sitting at a range where the image is quite clear and sharper to you, even if you aren’t close enough to the monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The Size Of The Monitor Affect Resolution?

Of course, it does, the size of the monitor has an important role in the screen resolution. If a  pixel resolution for a smaller monitor is applied on a larger monitor, it will only result in fuzzy images and your viewing experience is only likely to get worse.

Does Higher Resolution Indicate Better Quality?

Higher resolution indicates that there would be more pixels per inch(PPI), which would result in more pixel information, leading to a high-quality image and a much better viewing experience. Pictures with lower resolutions tend to have less number of pixels, and when that image is stretched, it becomes fuzzy.

How Do I Figure Out Which Resolution Is Best For My Monitor?

To know this, follow these steps:

  1. Open ‘’Settings’’
  2. Click on ‘’System’’
  3. Choose ‘’Display’’
  4. Go to ‘’Advanced Display Settings’’

The resolution which is recommended is your native resolution and that resolution is perfect for your monitor. Ideally, that resolution should be in use.


This article should clear your doubts about the best screen resolution for your 32-inch monitor. Do keep in mind that distance does play a role in deciding the best resolution for the monitor.

Apart from the distance, please note that different sizes of monitors would be suited to different screen resolutions, each one has its own, it’s not necessary that a screen resolution of a particular sized monitor would work in multiple monitors. 

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