DVI to Displayport Not Working – Solved

DVI to Displayport Not Working

Many users face this issue where the DVI to Displayport stops working. This might even occur in the middle of a process and can be very frustrating. Fortunately, this problem can be solved in a few simple ways. This article states these ways in which you can attempt to fix it with simple instructions.  You … Read more

AOC Monitor No Signal – Soluntions

AOC Monitor No Signal

AOC Monitor showing a ‘No signal’ is a very common issue. It might seem frustrating at first since there is not much you could do if the screen itself does not function. There could be various reasons for this issue but luckily in most cases, they can be solved pretty quickly and easily. This article … Read more

PS4 Pro on 1440p Monitor

PS4 Pro on 1440p Monitor

For gamers around the world, gaming programs’ specifications are a serious topic of concern. PS 4 pro is best recommended on a 4 K display monitor. Although not all users are using it on a 4 K monitor. They sure do meet with certain glitches and inconveniences. But if it does not prove to be … Read more

VGA Max Resolution

VGA Max Resolution

VGA technology was prominent when it first came out. Although these days it is not highly preferred. It is still a very common connector type for monitors. Many monitors these days have mainly HDMI connections, but at least one or two VGA connections as well. Most graphic cards these days do not include VGA ports … Read more

Red Pixels on Monitor – How to Fix?

Red Pixels on Monitor

Sometimes you can have pixels on your monitor’s screen that are stuck. These will most probably look red and cause hindrance in your viewing experience. You can see these red pixels for various reasons. It could be because of your system not being up-to-date or issues with your screen itself.  The good thing is this … Read more

How to Change Screen Timeout on Mac

How to Change Screen Timeout on Mac

Screen timeout is the time that your MacBook takes to lock after you have been inactive on it. Usually, this time is set to three to four minutes by default. You might want to change this time and increase it. For many users, this time is too short. There are some ways to change the … Read more

How to Move Task Manager to other Monitor

Gaming is more fun with more monitors. Many gamers prefer two or even three monitors to have the best gaming experience. Often the screen freezes and lags during gaming. If the frozen screen is the central one that often has the Task Manager then you can use it to terminate the program easily. But if … Read more

Green Lines on Monitor Issue – Fixes

Green Lines on Monitor

Are you trying to get rid of thin green lines on your monitor? Sometimes the various thousand pixels on the screen might get stuck on one colour. These could appear as dots or even lines in many cases.  These lines are usually green and are a common issue. There could be many possible reasons for … Read more

Asus Monitor Game Mode [Detailed-Guide]

Asus Monitor Game Mode

Looking around in your Asus monitor, you might have come across something called ‘gaming mode’. If you are intrigued by it and wish to know what purposes it serves, this article might help you out. A lot is going on with your monitor even if you do not realize it. It has many complex functions … Read more

Display 2 is Not Active on Monitor

Display 2 is Not Active on Monitor

Sometimes your computer might show that the secondary monitor is not active. There are various reasons for this to occur. Luckily for most situations, it can be solved easily. You will need to figure out where the issue lies and take action likewise to fix it. This article attempts to help you first figure out … Read more