What is the Best Resolution for 27 Inch Monitor? [Updated]

Best Resolution for 27 Inch Monitor

The two most important specifications for buying any monitor are size and resolution. In the gaming world especially, these specifications take you from a loser to a champion. Your game can role either way depending upon refresh rate and resolution. As far as it is concerned size matters a lot. The broader and bigger displays …

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How to Use iMac as a Monitor [UPDATED]

Ever since the iMac’s debut in August 1998, the iMac became the highest-bought desktop computer worldwide. Numerous updated versions have been released since then. In 2009, a new version of the iMac was introduced to workers, and it was the first device with Target Display Mode. This updated version allows people to utilize the iMac …

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How to Measure the Size of the Monitor? [Guide]

How to Measure the Size of the Monitor

If you are going to buy a new monitor or an LCD for your tv room and want to know what size you have been using before and what size you want to buy now, you are at the right place. If you are using your monitor screen now you can easily determine the size …

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What is G-Sync? [COMPLETE GUIDE]

What is G-Sync

When it comes to gaming, the video quality of your monitor makes all the difference in the world. It is essential that the monitor doesn’t lag during the game, doesn’t tear and the refresh rate should be high. While we all know that the lower the resolution, the higher the refresh rate, a low-resolution video …

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How to Use Triple Monitor Setup [Step-by-Step]

How to Use Triple Monitor Setup

You might be questioning why you need a triple monitor setup when you can get the job completed by a single monitor. You must have come across many gamers and coders who fancy a triple monitor setup above a single monitor. This is because a solo monitor is not sufficient for a relaxed capability as …

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Is Bigger Monitor Better for Productivity?

Is Bigger Monitor Better for Productivity

If you are about to get a new monitor for your work, and you are thinking if a bigger monitor can improve your productivity, then you have landed on the right blog post. In this blog post, we have answered all of your questions regarding screen size and productivity. So, you can know whether to …

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Is 32 Inch Monitor too Big for 1440p? [Detailed-Guide]

Is 32 Inch Monitor too Big for 1440p

Having the right screen size with perfect resolution can elevate your user experience. More importantly, having a large-size monitor with low resolution can make you suffer. People are always curious about the right resolution size for different screen sizes, and we often get asked questions like, “Is a 32-inch monitor too big for 1440p?”, “What …

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Is 32 Inch Monitor too Big for Gaming? [Detailed-Guide]

Is 32 Inch Monitor too Big for Gaming

Having the right monitor size can make your gaming pleasurable. Settling on particular screen size is not as straightforward as it seems, there are many things that you need to have on your mind like the distance, screen resolution, etc. Thus, we often get asked questions like, “Is 32-inch Monitor Too Big for Gaming?”, “Can …

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What is AMD FreeSync? [DETAILED GUIDE]

What is AMD FreeSync

If you’re a gamer who loves playing games of high quality, FreeSync might be more than just a handful for you. FreeSync can be counted as one of those technologies which tend to go under the radar most of the time. FreeSync allows you to enjoy your games better than ever without any screen tearing …

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What is the Best Resolution for 32 inch Monitor? [Updated]

Best Resolution For 32 inch Monitor

There’s no doubt about the fact that monitors with the highest resolutions provide us with the sharpest media quality. The crucial thing here is, how would the display resolution look on a particular screen size. You can’t expect to have the same resolution for all size monitors, for example, if you keep the same resolution …

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