Is 32 Inch Monitor too Big for Gaming? [Detailed-Guide]

Is 32 Inch Monitor too Big for Gaming

Having the right monitor size can make your gaming pleasurable. Settling on particular screen size is not as straightforward as it seems, there are many things that you need to have on your mind like the distance, screen resolution, etc. Thus, we often get asked questions like, “Is 32-inch Monitor Too Big for Gaming?”, “Can …

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What is AMD FreeSync? [DETAILED GUIDE]

What is AMD FreeSync

If you’re a gamer who loves playing games of high quality, FreeSync might be more than just a handful for you. FreeSync can be counted as one of those technologies which tend to go under the radar most of the time. FreeSync allows you to enjoy your games better than ever without any screen tearing …

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What is the Best Resolution for 32 inch Monitor? [Updated]

Best Resolution For 32 inch Monitor

There’s no doubt about the fact that monitors with the highest resolutions provide us with the sharpest media quality. The crucial thing here is, how would the display resolution look on a particular screen size. You can’t expect to have the same resolution for all size monitors, for example, if you keep the same resolution …

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MacBook Air HDMI to TV Not Working: How to Fix?

macbook air hdmi to tv not working

The MacBook is well known for handling even the most advanced technology and is accessible to the average consumer. Moreover, this device can expand its capabilities with an HDMI connection. If the HDMI cable doesn’t work, what do you do? Several Mac users complain about HDMI not working and have no clue what to do. …

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Monitor Power Button Blinking (Reasons & Fixes)

Monitor Power Button Blinking

There is nothing more frustrating than the blinking power button light on your monitor with no display. This issue on the monitor can arise due to a variety of different problems. The good news here is that you can easily fix the monitor power button blinking issue at your home without any expert help. Below, …

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MacBook Pro USB-C to HDMI Not Working [Reasons & Fixes]

macbook pro usb-c to hdmi not working

Many MacBook users complain that the HDMI connection doesn’t work. When your USB to HDMI adapter does not work, do not panic – you are probably not the only one experiencing this problem. You may run into this problem, especially if you’re going to connect your Mac to an external monitor. You can often solve …

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Can a Computer Monitor be Used as a TV? [Detailed-Guide]

Can a Computer Monitor be Used as a TV

Why buy a monitor and a TV when you can turn your monitor into a tv? Yes, you have heard it right. You can use a computer monitor as a TV also. With just a click of a button, you can switch between a monitor and a TV. You will find many methods on the …

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Why Buy a Monitor Instead of a TV? [Detailed-Guide]

Why Buy a Monitor Instead of a TV

Monitors and TVs are getting popular these days because companies and brands are providing you with more enhanced features and specifications to beat their competitors and give their audience a better experience. If you look at experts’ advice or most people’s opinions, they suggest that a monitor is a more desirable option than TV. The …

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How to Split Screen on Two Monitors? [Detailed-Guide]

How to Split Screen on Two Monitors

Pro-gamers, professional video editors, heavy-duty online workers, and now office employees with heavy screen work are very impressed with the split screen and multiple monitors technology nowadays. They are getting in trend very quickly. They can also have a better-quality result and can increase their productivity with this arrangement. It is also easier to work …

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How to Change Hz on Monitor? [Detailed-Guide]

How to Change Hz on Monitor

Hz is a unit used to measure the refresh rate of monitors and systems. Refresh rate is defined as the ability of the monitor to refresh a picture number of times per second. It would be best if you had Hz or refresh rate to determine how much better and enhanced performance a monitor can …

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