Backlight Bleed vs IPS Glow [Detailed-Comparison]

Backlight Bleed vs IPS Glow

If you’re using a monitor with your computer or laptop, you need a good-quality screen. Although monitors are generally quite problem-free, you can have some issues with them when you own one. When you view the black color screen, you may have noticed some lights coming from the sides of the monitor or TV screen. …

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165Hz VS 240Hz Refresh Rate: (Comparison)

165Hz VS 240Hz

In the world of gaming monitors, the mantra is “faster is better!”. In general, the higher the refresh rate, the better. However, if you can’t play games at more than 144 FPS (Frames Per Second), a 240Hz monitor isn’t required unless you want to provide your system with future-proofing. Are you more concerned with 240Hz …

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Freesync VS No Freesync [Detailed-Guide]

Freesync VS No Freesync

Tearing occurs when your screen refreshes slower than the game frame rate. This problem can quickly ruin the gameplay experience for players who deal with it regularly. You can sync your refresh rate to your GPU rendering, but you’ll need FreeSync to do this. You might be completely unfamiliar with this program, but using it …

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2560×1440 vs 3440×1440 [Detailed-Comparison]

2560x1440 vs 3440x1440

If you want to use your laptop or computer for gaming, entertainment or other purposes, the resolution is an essential thing to consider. When choosing the best resolution for your PC, many options and combinations are available. So it can be challenging to select the best one. In this article, we will compare both 2560×1440 …

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4K vs 144Hz Monitor: Which one is Better?

4k vs 144hz

Gamer’s are often unsure of which monitor they need for their gaming needs. Trying to decide whether you should get a 144hz display with high refresh rates or a 4K display with stunning visuals? When shopping for a monitor, make sure to remember to buy one with all of the features you need. You don’t …

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75Hz VS 144Hz Monitor: Which one is Better?

75Hz VS 144H

The refresh rate is one of the most confusing factors for consumers when they purchase a new monitor. Withstanding refresh rates can be challenging to choose from as there are so many figures to consider, but only one will be beneficial to you over time. This is also true when comparing 75Hz and 144Hz refresh …

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1440p 144Hz vs 1080p 240Hz: Which one is better?

1440p 144Hz vs 1080p 240Hz

When buying a monitor, there are many factors to consider, especially for a gamer. Gamers often overlook the monitor as one of the most important factors. There are countless screenshots of beastly PCs with old, dinky monitors online shared in battle station threads. You need an equally powerful monitor if you want to get the …

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2K VS 4K: Which One to Choose?

2k vs 4k

The question of the right resolution for you is long debated as the technology evolved presenting better options for your monitor. We started with the 720p and now we are talking about 2k and 4k resolution. The resolution of your monitor is important whether you want to watch a movie or play a game. In …

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1080p VS 1440p: What’s the Difference?

1080p VS 1440p

When it comes to resolution, we can say that it is the monitor size measured in pixels. There are many resolutions for monitors in the market such as 1440p, 1080p, 4k, and 8k.  When we say that a monitor has a 1440p resolution, it means that the monitor displays 1440 vertical pixels whereas 2560 horizontal …

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4K VS 8K: Which One to Choose?

4K VS 8K

 As we know, the resolution of a monitor plays an important part in the quality of the display of your device. When selecting a monitor or upgrading, we must be sure of what we are buying and whether or not it is necessary to buy it. The resolution of a monitor refers to the total …

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