Ultrawide VS Triple Monitor Setup [DETAILED]

Ultrawide VS Triple monitor setup

The triple monitor setup and the ultrawide monitor setup are making lots of noise in the market, due to their advanced technology and latest features, they’re grabbing everyone’s attention. The video quality and the aesthetics offered by the two setups are hard to ignore. But, when asked to choose one between the two highly popular …

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Ultrawide VS Dual Monitor Setup [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Ultrawide VS Dual Monitor Setup

We all love the ultrawide monitor setup and the dual monitor setup, the features they offer are amazing. We can’t help but stop ourselves from getting either 1 of these, the video quality becomes so much better whether you’re gaming or doing anything else. However, things can be tricky when you are asked to choose …

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24 or 27 Inch Monitor for Gaming – Which one is Better?

24 or 27 Inch Monitor for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, there is a whole list of specifications required so that certain games can be enjoyed to the fullest extent. The specification involves the top-of-the-line set-up including the right keyboards, joysticks, graphic cards, and much more.  Monitors are also an essential part of the gaming experience as the visual aspect of …

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Studio Monitors VS Speakers – Which one is Better?

Studio Monitors VS Speakers

Studio Monitors are used in the process of recording, mastering, and mixing songs. There are various types of Studio Monitors, all for different purposes. These are different from the regular speakers that are used at home or events. Studio monitors are built to sound different and often need technical knowledge for handling.  In comparison, home …

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