Difference between Ultrawide and Normal Monitor [DETAILED]

Ultrawide monitors are becoming very common as compared to standard monitors due to the added benefits they provide. The size of ultrawide monitors is 33% more than normal monitors.

Still, there is a lot of discussion about which is better for day-to-day use, so in this article, we will discuss in-depth the difference between ultrawide and normal monitors. So if you want to buy or upgrade your monitor read carefully the details discussed below.

Let us start without wasting your precious time.

Comparison Between Ultrawide Monitor & Normal Monitor

  •   The size of an ultrawide monitor is 21:9 as compared to a normal monitor which has a size of 16:9
  • .These ultrawide monitors have better pixels as compared to normal monitors.
  • Ultrawide provides more working space for users.
  • Ultrawide comes in both flat and curved screens.
  • Many ultrawide monitors provide an option of split-screen which convert your monitor into and help you multitask in a single monitor instead of using the dual monitor.

Pros of Ultrawide Monitors

  • Helpful in multitasking on a single screen.
  • Helpful for pc games because you can observe more games on a widescreen as compared to a normal screen.
  • Gives a better view of the movies or shows and gives you a mini-cinema feel while watching on an ultrawide monitor.
  • Ultrawide monitor is helpful for designers and editors.
  • Gives better sound and video quality.

Cons of Ultrawide Monitors

  • Require more desk space than normal monitors.
  • It is expensive as compared to standard screens.
  • Not good for writers, Programmers, and artists because all of them require vertical scrolling instead of horizontal length. The data stretches too much horizontally which is not good for writers and programmers.
  • All people can not afford it due to the expensive price tag.
  • Also not helpful for console and competitive gamers because many modern consoles don’t support the 21:9 ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ultrawide Monitor Good for Gamers?

Yeah, many pc gamers prefer widescreen but if you play competitive games then you prefer normal monitors.

Does it Support Multitasking?

Many new ultrawide screens support multitasking through the split-screen option which converts the screen into two. You can perform two different tasks at the same time on a single screen through this feature.

DoUltrawide Monitors Come in a Curved Screen Only?

No, they are manufactured in both curved as well as in simple screen variants.


After going into all the differences we can say that the ultrawide screen is with it due to its unique specifications. It gives you a lot of advantages over normal monitors.

But there are always some cons as well in addition to its pros. The final verdict is that if you feel like ultrawide will be helpful for your work then buy it otherwise stick with a normal screen.

Most PC gamers or movie watchers prefer ultrawide monitors as compared to writers or programmers who prefer short width for work so stick with normal monitors.

It’s your personal need and choice of what you really want in the end.

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