DVI to Displayport Not Working – Solved

Many users face this issue where the DVI to Displayport stops working. This might even occur in the middle of a process and can be very frustrating. Fortunately, this problem can be solved in a few simple ways. This article states these ways in which you can attempt to fix it with simple instructions. 

You will need to troubleshoot the problem step by step to figure out exactly where the problem lies. You can work through the stated solutions in their order. 

DVI to Displayport Not Working – Solutions

If your monitor DVI to Displayport Not Working, you can try the following 4 ways to solve your issue.

Test the Monitor to Another Computer

To figure out which one of the devices is causing the issue, start by working through the monitor. To check if it’s causing the issue, disconnect it and then connect it to another computer that is in a working condition. If it turns on and runs normally on the new computer, then the monitor is in a good condition and it is the computer that is causing the problem. 

To double-check this issue you can try another monitor on the computer as well. If it still does not run well with the new monitor then you can be certain that the computer is causing the issue. 

Checking the Adaptor

There is a chance that if your DVI to Displayport is not working, the issue might be with your adaptor. You can turn off your computer and set it to stay for a bit. Then, turn it back on. And this time use it in the safe mode.

In safe mode, you can use an older version of the updates and check if it is working better now. If the adaptor is not responding at all, you might need to get it replaced.

Checking the DVI to Display Hardware

If you see any errors in the visuals on the screen, such as horizontal lines across the screen or any cracks, then the issue lies with your hardware. It is recommended that you get the cracks fixed as well as remove any pressure that might be on the hardware.

You might also check the ports and cables. Make sure everything is connected properly and nothing is loose. Look out for wear in the cables and dust in the ports as well.You can check for bends, tears, or pinches in the cables. If any of the cables are exposed to dry heat, it might have been rotten and will need to be replaced. 

Updating the software

If your graphic card’s driver or video driver is not up-to-date, it can cause many problems including the DVI to Displayport not working. It is highly recommended that you update the driver to the latest releases. You might want to set the settings to auto-updates or you even keep manually updating it from time to time.

To update your display manually you can follow the steps-

  • Go to the ‘properties’ button in the dialogue box. 
  • Click on continue or enter a password, and you will see the display adaptor’s property box
  • Choose the ‘driver’ tab.
  • Check the date for the last update. If it is old, click on ‘update driver’
  • You can either search automatically for new releases or browse your computer for new releases. 
  • Wait until you get a notification of a new update available and then let it download. 
  • After the process is done, close all the open windows.
  • Restart your PC.

This will most likely fix the issue when you use the PC again.

To Sum it Up

There are many reasons for DVI to Displayport not working properly. This article aims to help you fix such an issue. The problem could be in your hardware or software. Following the above steps will help you figure out which one it is and hopefully solve the issue as well.

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