Green Lines on Monitor Issue – Fixes

Are you trying to get rid of thin green lines on your monitor? Sometimes the various thousand pixels on the screen might get stuck on one colour. These could appear as dots or even lines in many cases. 

These lines are usually green and are a common issue. There could be many possible reasons for the green lines on your screen, from manufacturing defects to screen damage. This article will help you understand some simple ways with which you can get rid of these lines. 

Green Lines on Monitor – Where the Issue Lies

Try Plugging another monitor into your computer and checking if the green lines still appear on the second monitor. If yes, then you can be certain that the issue is with your computer’s graphic card. Along with issues in the graphic card, the green lines could also be due to the monitor itself and damage to cables and wires. 

If your graphic card is not the issue then it could be with the cables and plugs. Check if they are in order and watch out for any damage and wear. You could also check into the display settings on the monitor and make sure that everything is set to optimum for the monitor’s best performance.

Once you have made sure the problem does not lie within your screen itself, there are some tricks you can try to possibly fix the pixels. 

Method 1: Update the Drivers

The green lines are caused by various display issues which could be because of the drivers of graphic cards and monitors. You can check for the latest releases by visiting the websites of your system’s manufacturer.

Not updating the drivers can cause many other issues as well alongside display issues. Hence, we strongly recommend that you keep updating the drivers as new releases are launched. You can also check your operating system to make sure it is updated to the latest version as well. 

Method 2: Pixel Massage 

Green lines on the screen indicate that the pixels that make up those lines are in an ‘on’ position even when the system is shut down. Pixel massage is a way to gently shift the pixels in the screen so that they are now in an ‘off’ position. You need to turn the system off to perform this. 

You can mark the lines with a tape or something similar when the screen is on and then turn it off so you can be sure of the position of the lines. Take a soft damp cloth and gently place it on the lines to push the pixels inside. Make sure you are not pressing hard on the screen. You can be gentle at first and then turn the screen on to see if you need to do more. And proceed after the screen is off again.

Method 3: “Pixel Fixer” Programs 

Many ‘pixel fixer’ programs are available online for free. Some of these include JscreenFix, Undead Pixel, and Stuck Pixel Fixer. These programs use a technique called Colour Cycling. 

In this technique, the stuck pixels could possibly respond to the quick changing of colours and fix by themselves. Running these programs usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes and sometimes even more. 

Method 4: Contact the Manufacturer 

If the above techniques don’t seem to help then it is recommended that you reach out to your system’s manufacturer who might help fix it or help you replace it. 

If your warranty has not expired you could replace and get a new monitor entirely. Depending on the age of your monitor, the manufacturer will be able to provide you with better guidance and fix the issue for you or replace it for you. 


Green lines on the screen are a result of struck pixels. It is a fairly common issue and in many cases, it can be fixed without professional assistance. This article states some ways to fix them. We hope these prove to be useful for you

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