How Big is My Monitor? [Detailed-Guide]

Different monitors come with different screen sizes and display sizes that vary from brand to brand and technology to technology. You will find desktop monitors with sizes from 13 inches to 43 inches. Some people might use TV screens as their monitors that are up to 84 inches and more, and laptops come in 11.6 inches to 17 inches. If you want to measure your monitor’s size or look for sizes while choosing a monitor for buying, the problem here is.

You might be thinking of my monitor’s screen size or how big my monitor is as everyone must know about their monitors and gadgets. To get your answers to this question and clear all your confusion, you have landed on the accurate article because we are here to help you measure the size of your monitor and screen with other different qualities. 

How Big is My Monitor?

As we saw the typical sizes for different monitors and why we need to know about our screens and size, let’s dive into some more information so you can understand the other methods described step by step to measure the screen size.

Measure Monitor Screen Area and Ratio

  1. The first step of this procedure in which we will measure the size of any general monitor or screen is that you need to take a ruler or measuring tape and measure the length of the screen. 
  2. You should make sure that you must only consider the viewing screen while measuring the size and should not include any borders or any structures around it. Similarly, measure the width of the monitor. 
  3. The next step of the procedure after measuring the length and width of the monitor carefully and correctly is to find the area of the screen. It would help if you multiplied the size of the monitor by the width of the monitor. This is the area of image your monitor can provide. 
  4. If you want to find the aspect ratio of the monitor screen, you can follow the following steps to know the aspect ratio of your monitor. You need to compare the length and width of the monitor that you measured in step number 2. To find the balance of any two values, you need to write them side by side and reduce them by dividing both numbers with a standard number. The most common aspect ratios for monitors are 4:3, 5:3, 16:9, or 16:10.

Measure Monitor Screen Physically

The simple diagonal method is used to measure the screen of a desktop or laptop monitor. It would help if you took a measuring tape or a large ruler to measure the size. Take one end of the ruler and put it on one side (top-left) of the screen, then take the ruler and place it diagonally on the screen to connect to the opposite side (bottom-right). Make sure that you do not include bezels and borders in the measurement of the screen. 

Measure Monitor Screen by Pythagoras Theorem  

If you can not measure the diagonals of the monitor due to smudging issues or any other reasons, here is a solution for it. You need to apply a theorem that we all have been studying since high school. You need to measure the length and width of the monitors as we did in the first method and then apply the theorem to find the value of the diagonal. 

You do not have to worry if you do not remember the formula or know how to solve it because many websites solve these problems for you. You need to search on the Internet and put values, and you will get your answers. 

Measure Monitor Screen from Specifications 

The third and last method to determine the size of the monitor is to check it for specifications. You can see the monitor or display size by checking the settings. You will find a tab with the label display or screen. Clicking on that tab and you will find all the monitor specifications, including display size or the screen size of the monitor. You can also find other specifications like resolution or refresh rate and can also adjust them. 

Determine Monitor Screen on Internet 

If you are still confused about the size or not sure about your measurements, we are again here to help you solve this problem with a small trick. You need to find or know the model number of your monitor and have to search it on the manufacturer’s website, or you can also search the model number in any search engine to find the exact size of your monitor.


To conclude our article that was based on methods to know how big is my monitor, lets us summarize everything we learned till now so it is easy for you to revise and keep all the things in your mind so you can easily recall everything at the time of need. We learned how to measure the screen size of desktops and laptops. We also learned how to measure any screen generally regardless of the type. The best thing while measuring the net is to look for the screen size and not include bezels. 

We also discussed short and effective methods like measuring monitor screen physically, measuring monitor screen from specifications, and determining monitor screen on the Internet to know about the screen size. These short methods will also help you save your time and only take a maximum of 5 minutes from your life so you can know more about your screen. 

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