How to Use Triple Monitor Setup [Step-by-Step]

You might be questioning why you need a triple monitor setup when you can get the job completed by a single monitor. You must have come across many gamers and coders who fancy a triple monitor setup above a single monitor.

This is because a solo monitor is not sufficient for a relaxed capability as well as for their necessary productivity.

Moreover, a triple monitor setup enriches the aesthetics and fetches a widespread perspective. We will check up on the whole thing you need to diagnose about the triple monitor setup.

A triple monitor setup consists of three monitor screens connected to a single PC commonly used by high-end creators, coders, gamers, live streamers, and much more.

What is a Triple Monitor Setup?

A triple monitor setup is, fairly basic, manipulating triple monitors linked to a computer or laptop to display a solo image. You use cables to link the triple monitors such as HDMI, VGA, Display Port, or USB c-type.

The matters of concern presented by the monitors can diverge broadly. A triple monitor setup could be engaged for gaming or it might be used for professional or business-oriented quests such as exchange, programing, or graphic designing and editing.

This setup is one of the best ways to surge efficiency while growing the amusement of using your is surely an appropriate and exciting way to use your PC.

How to build a Triple Monitor Setup?

It is very important to check that not all PCs support a triple monitor setup. That is why you should first check if your existing computer supports a triple monitor setup or not

Using a Desktop:

For desktop computers, check the rear of your system to find out how many video ports are there. There could be an integrated graphics card as well as an additional graphics card and both of them have video ports. If there are three ports, check the handbook to see if the graphics card permits using three ports concurrently.

Using a Laptop:

Your laptop will likely have at most two video ports. Certainly, you cannot run a triple monitor setup with your laptop under normal circumstances. That is when you need to opt for extra hardware so that you can set up triple monitors to work altogether.

PC Doesn’t  Support Triple Monitor Setup

In the former phase, if you find out that your desktop or laptop does not support a triple monitor setup, there is nothing to be troubled about. You want to purchase the following hardware items to set up triple monitors to work simultaneously.

  • Graphics Card
  • External Multi-Display Adapter
  • USB to HDMI Adapter
  • Docking Station
  • Ensure you have the Required Cables
  • Configure your Display Settings

Configure Display Settings on Windows 10

Right-click on the blank area on the desktop, and from the menu, click  Display Settings.

You will get three monitors and click on Identify button.

If you are not seeing three monitors, make sure you have connected them seamlessly or click on Detect button.

After clicking Identify button, you have to organize the monitors in order as per your requirements. You have to drag and drop the monitors for rearrangement.

You can also modify the scale and layout if you want.

Go to Multiple Displays and from the drop-down list, select Extend these displays option.

Update the Drivers for Monitors

If the drivers of your monitors are not updated to their latest versions, there could be lag issues, black screens, and more. Not just your monitors, you need to update your graphics card driver.

Download & Install Drivers Manually

You can download the drivers for your monitors and graphics card from the manufacturer’s website. Make sure that the model number matches your hardware before downloading. In addition, make sure the driver is compatible with your Windows OS version.

Automatically Update Your Graphics Drivers

You can use Driver Updater to update drivers of the required hardware items. We recommend downloading Driver Easy which can automatically search and install drivers for all the hardware items on your computer. You can update all available latest drivers as well as update only monitor and graphics card drivers selectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Mount a Triple Monitor Setup?

Most monitors come with a built-in desk stand when you want it on your desk, it can also be mounted by a wall stand or arm stands easily available for all sizes. All we have to consider is space because a triple monitor system requires more space.

Does Screen Size matter while using a triple monitor setup?

In many cases, people prefer the same sizes for all three screens but it is a myth you can adjust different sizes as your demand work.

What Equipment is required for Triple Monitor Setup?

We need triple monitors and a PC, supported cables, wall mount stand if you want it on the wall otherwise monitors come with their stands. Some hardware assistance will be required.

How to know if your device is well-suited with a triple monitor setup?

Check your PC rare if it has three display output ports you are good to go otherwise you will need additional hardware to set up a triple monitor.


A triple monitor setup is very beneficial and stress-free if it comes to multi-tasking, development, designing, gaming, and live streaming it gives extension to your graphic output and it becomes easy to handle multi applications all at once.

While using a single monitor it is difficult to watch over all applications because you have to keep swapping among applications.

This setup is one of the best ways to level up proficiency while developing the delight of consuming your is confidently a suitable and electrifying way to use your PC.

Single monitors are frequently used for simple tasks on your pc when you get expert your tasks become complex transferring to a triple monitor will become vital to set more clearness into the stuff you do your supreme.

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