Is 22 Inch Monitor Good for Gaming? [Updated]

Choosing and picking the right-sized gaming monitor can boost your performance, and if you do not pick the right gaming monitor, then it can ruin the whole experience.

We often get asked questions from people regarding the size of the gaming monitor, and one of the most repeatedly asked questions is, “Is 22 Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?”.

Here, we have compiled this blog post, in which we have answered whether the 22-inch monitor size is suitable for gaming or not.

That being said, let’s jump right into the details.

Is 22 Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?

22-inches is not the best size for gaming, still, it’s a good size for gaming if you are low on space or you have a low budget. The drawback of using a 22-inch monitor is that it is a little compact. The small size of the monitor might make it a good pick for space savers, and people who are low on space.

However, it’s not the perfect size for gaming monitors, as the details are not evident on this screen size. If in any case, you are planning to use a 22-inches monitor, you have to sit very close to the screen.

So, you have to sit closer to the screen, otherwise, you won’t enjoy the graphics on the screen as the details won’t be very evident from a distance.

On the other hand, the 22-inch monitors are perfect for people who are low on the deskspace and looking for compact-sized monitors which are also reasonable for gaming needs.

Summing it up, a 22-inch monitor is not the best size for gaming, still, they are a good alternative to the 24-inch monitor (which is considered to be the best size for the gaming monitor), as they provide you with a very low footprint, which allows you to put it into compact space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 22-Inch a Good Size for Gaming?

Yes, 22-inches is a good size for gaming, but it’s not the best size for gaming, as this size is a little compact, and in order to fully enjoy gaming you need a monitor size that is a little bigger than this size.

Is 22-inches Monitor Too Compact for Gaming?

Yes, the 22-inches monitor is compact for gaming, still, it is a good size for a gaming monitor, especially, when you are low on space.

Is 22-inch Monitor Better than a 24-inch Monitor?

No, a 22-inch monitor is not better than a 24-inches monitor, as it’s a compact size which is not good for gaming. 24-inch monitors are perfect for gaming. So, if you have a choice between 24-inch or 22-inch monitors, always stick to the 24-inch monitors.


Choosing the right monitor size for gaming is crucial otherwise you can mess up the whole gaming experience. Above, we have answered all of your questions regarding the 22-inch monitors, whether this size is good enough, and how it is compared to the 24-inch monitors.

So, you can make a well-thought, and researched decision about your new gaming monitor.

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