Is 24 Inch Monitor Good for Gaming? [Updated]

Size and resolution are two of the most important aspects of a gaming monitor, and people are always curious if a particular monitor size is good enough or not.

Thus, we repeatedly get asked questions like “Is 24-Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?”, “Is 24-inches the Best Size for a Gaming Monitor?

Instead of answering these questions individually, we have compiled a complete guide, in which we have answered all of these questions.

So, you can know whether to get a 24-inch monitor or not. That being said, let’s check out the details.

Is 24 Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?

Yes, a 24-Inch monitor is good for gaming. The mid-tier size of this monitor makes it the perfect fit for gaming. Its screen size is in the sweet spot, it is neither too big nor too small, which makes it an ideal pick for gamers.

Most of the 24-inch monitors also offer a superior refresh rate, which ensures there is no lagging or tearing on the screen. Another important thing to mention here is that 24-inch is the standard size for professional tournaments.

Thus, all the pro-gamers prefer this screen-size. So, when they play any professional tournament, they are already familiar with the screen dimensions, which provides them with a competitive edge.

Summing it up, 24-inches is the best screen size for gaming, as it offers a superior screen with excellent refresh rates. Also, it’s the go-to screen size for the gaming tournaments, which makes it a lucrative pick for pro gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 24 Inch Monitor Any Good for Gaming?

The 24-inch monitors are the best monitors for gaming, as they offer you a perfect size, superior refresh rate, and above all, these monitors are widely used in professional gaming tournaments, which ensures you are planning on standard equipment.

Is 24-Inch Monitor Better than the 22-Inch Monitor?

Yes, the 24-inch monitors are better than the 22-inch monitors, as they provide you with more room, which ultimately uplifts your gameplaying experience.

Why Do Pro Gamers Use 24-Inch Monitor?

There are plenty of reasons that pro gamers prefer 24-inch monitors over 27-inch and 32-inch monitors. Firstly, the 24-inch monitors are standard in all professional tournaments, so it allows you to get used to the dynamics of the screen. Moreover, the screen on the 24-inch monitors is superior with an excellent refresh rate, which makes these monitors a perfect fit for gamers.


People are always curious about the best screen size, as to which screen size is best and which they should avoid at any cost. One of the most asked questions is whether a 24-inch monitor is good for gaming or not.

In the above guide, we have answered all of your questions regarding the 24-inch monitors, whether they are good enough for you or not, and why you should choose the 24-inch monitors over any other size.

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