Is 32 Inch Monitor too Big for 1440p? [Detailed-Guide]

Having the right screen size with perfect resolution can elevate your user experience. More importantly, having a large-size monitor with low resolution can make you suffer.

People are always curious about the right resolution size for different screen sizes, and we often get asked questions like, “Is a 32-inch monitor too big for 1440p?”, “What is the best screen size for a 32-inch monitor?”.

Thus, we have compiled this blog post, which has answered all of these questions. So, wasting any further time let’s get into details.

Is 32 inch Monitor Too Big for 1440p?

Yes, a 32 inch monitor is too big for the 1440p resolution. If you choose anything larger than the 27-inches monitor, then the PPI on the screen becomes very low, which negatively affects the screen quality.

To enjoy the 1440p resolution at its best, you need to use the 27-inches monitor. On the other hand, 4K resolution is perfect for the 32-inch screen.

Summing it up, a 32-inch monitor is not good for the 1440p resolution, as the quality would be too low. If you are planning to use a 32-inch monitor, ensure it has a 4K resolution, while the 1440p resolution is good for the 27-inch monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 32-inch Monitor Too Big for 1440p?

Yes, a 32-inch monitor is too big for gaming, and the pixel density would be too low on this screen size. For the 32-inch monitors, you need to have at least 4K resolution, if you want to fully enjoy the content on the monitor. In other cases, if you want to use 1440p resolution, then you need to use a 27-inch monitor, which works out the best with it.

What’s the Best Resolution for a 32-inch Monitor?

For a 32-inches monitor, you should have at least 4K resolution. Anything lower than 4K resolution on the 32-inch monitor does not look good. If you buy a 32-inch monitor with 1440p resolution, then the quality of content should be very low, which takes away the pleasure from you.

What’s the Best Screen Size for 1440p Resolution?

27-inches is the best screen size for 1440p resolution. If you are planning to buy a monitor with 1440p resolution, 27-inches is the best screen size for it. Anything bigger or smaller can adversely affect the video-watching experience.


Resolution and screen size go hand-in-hand. Thus, a lot of people get confused about which screen size they should choose with a specific resolution.

We often get asked questions like, “Is a 32-inch Monitor Too Big for 1440p”. To answer all of your questions, we have compiled this complete blog post, in which we have answered all of your questions.

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