Is a 60Hz Monitor Good for Gaming? [Detailed-Guide]

If you have been looking for a gaming monitor lately, then you may have come across different monitors with different refresh rates.

So, after checking out different monitor specifications, you want to know which refresh rate is good for you and is a 60hz monitor good for gaming or not?

Hence, we came up with this detailed article to put your queries to bed regarding the 60hz monitor for gaming. 

So, Is A 60hz Monitor Good For Gaming?

Well, the answer isn’t a black and white one, the answer depends on the users to quite some extent. Hz, hertz means refresh rate, 60hz, 144hz, 240hz, they all are refresh rates, 60hz means the screen refreshes 60 times per second, 144hz means the screen refreshes 144 times per second, and so on.

Going by this logic, a 144hz monitor can easily rule out a 60hz monitor, and a 240hz monitor can easily beat the 144hz monitor.  A high refresh rate such as 144hz or 240hz allows you to notice more visual elements.

However, the user should be skilled enough to exploit that little speed difference, if the user isn’t skilled enough, the difference between hertz is neutralized to a large extent. In simple words, the user should have a faster reaction time to maximize the faster refresh rate.

What Does Hz Mean?

Another thing that can’t be ignored is that the higher the refresh rates, the lesser the effects are noticeable, as our eyes can see and identify so many frames per second. Hence, when shifting from a 60hz monitor to a 120hz monitor, the difference is difficult to notice, in fact, users who have experience with a 120hz monitor can recognize the differences.

Can Your PC Handle Higher Refresh Rates?

Another thing to talk about is that your PC should be capable enough to handle higher refresh rates, we’re talking about PCs here, laptops are excluded. For instance, to run games at 60hz on your 60hz monitor, your PC should be able to run 60 frames per second or more, in that specific game. However, if your frames per second count exceed 60, that means you have reached the limit of your monitor’s refresh rate, hence you wouldn’t be able to see any frames above that.

What Kind Of Games Do You Plan To Play?

Ideally, if you intend to play single-player, casual, or story-driven games, a 60hz monitor is perfect for you. The 60hz monitor will offer you a display that’s smooth and second to none, the media quality would be high and it would be maintained throughout. 

However, if you want to play fast-paced games such as racing games or first-person shooter games, a 60hz monitor may not be a wise choice. A higher refresh rate monitor is recommended for these types of games and those games would perform way better on the higher refresh rate monitor than they would at a 60hz monitor.


If you want an entry-level monitor that won’t mess too much with your budget and you want to enjoy single-player or story-driven games, the 60hz monitor is perfect for you. A 60hz monitor is likely to be $60-100 lesser than the higher refresh rate monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Kind Of A Gamer Should Buy A 60hz Monitor?

Ideally, casual, single-player, or story-driven games are the most suited for a 60hz monitor, the fast-paced games may not be the wisest choice for this monitor. Shooting or racing games may work perfectly fine on a 60hz monitor, but they can’t be enjoyed to the fullest on a 60hz monitor.

What Kind Of A Gamer Should Purchase A Higher Refresh Rate Monitor?

If you want to play multiplayer games, a 120hz, 144hz, or even a 240hz monitor would be able to do wonders for you. The advantage that you would gain from the faster refresh rate can help you in reacting faster than the opponent and that may well be the difference between winning and losing.

Will the 60hz Monitors Be Enough For Gaming In The Future?

While we can’t take an assured call on this, the thing which places the 60hz monitors above the faster rates monitors is that, our eyes can only see limited frames per second. Despite the fact that the higher refresh rate monitors are easily available, the 60hz monitor gives you the perfect balance between the frames and price.


This article should be able to put away your doubts regarding a 60hz monitor, a 60hz monitor may not be the fastest one or the most fanciest one among the higher refresh rate monitors.

However, it certainly is a useful one, you can easily enjoy your career, story-driven, or single-player games on this monitor and you won’t complain. It fits well with your budget too, so that’s another box it ticks. The higher refresh rate monitors may seem attractive due to the rate but keep in mind that our eyes are limited to catching so many frames.

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