Is BenQ a Good Brand? [2022 UPDATED]

If you are on the verge of buying a new monitor and thinking about whether a BenQ monitor would be the right fit for you or not, then you have landed on the right blog post.

In this article, we have thoroughly explained whether you should choose or avoid getting a BenQ monitor, and the pros and cons of getting a BenQ monitor.

That being said, let’s jump into the details and check out the matter in detail.

Is BenQ a Good Monitor Brand?

Yes, BenQ is a good monitor brand that offers numerous monitors ranging from flat screen to ultrawide curved screen monitors. Also, there are numerous sizes, and other options available.

BenQ is considered to be a top-class monitor brand that comes up with a revolutionary design, superior picture quality, and reliable build quality.

All the BenQ monitors are manufactured under strict quality control conditions, which makes them distinguished with nearly zero errors.

The panels used in the BenQ monitors are also top-notch. There are no dead-pixel issues on the monitor.

Additionally, the BenQ monitors are color-tuned straight from the factory. Thus, you do not have to manually tune the colors on the BenQ monitors when you get them, which is an absolutely amazing feature to have.

Screen Quality

The screen quality of the BenQ monitors is amazing. It is what makes the BenQ monitors superior to other monitors.

BenQ uses top-of-the-line panels, which not only offer the best possible colors in the market but also come with a higher lifespan.

Unlike the other monitor brands which come with the dead-pixel issues, there is such a problem on the BenQ monitors.

Color Calibration

The color calibration on the BenQ monitors is just amazing. Most of the BenQ machines are calibrated straight from the factory, which eliminates the need to manually tune the monitors.

Still, the BenQ monitors come with a bunch of different calibration modes, which allows you to quickly switch between the modes, which is an absolutely amazing feature to have.

Gaming Monitors

BenQ is the leader in gaming monitor manufacturers. It produces some of the most sought-after gaming monitors in the industry which come with the highest possible refresh rate, response time, and FreeSync capabilities.

Therefore, you would notice that most of the professional players use the BenQ monitors. Also, you would notice that all the major e-sport events also use the BenQ monitors.


BenQ monitors are exceptionally reliable and would serve you for years. In fact, BenQ is the manufacturer of the most reliable gaming monitors in the industry. So, every extra penny you spend on your monitor is a future investment.


BenQ monitors come with the most technologically advanced features available in the market. The flag-ship BenQ monitors come with advanced color calibration, Freesync, and a lot of more features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BenQ a Good Monitor Brand?

Yes, BenQ is a good quality monitor brand, which offers quality products. All the BenQ monitors go through a strict QC process, which ensures there is no manufacturing fault. Moreover, the color accuracy on the BenQ monitors is also worth-admiring, and there won’t be any color calibration issues either.

Are BenQ Monitors Good for Gaming?

Yes, BenQ monitors are good for gaming. In fact, BenQ monitors are one of the top picks for gamers for competitive gaming.

What are the Key Features of the BenQ Monitors?

BenQ is the manufacturer of high-quality monitors. BenQ monitors have an amazing design, superior quality panel, have fantastic color calibration, and offer the latest features in the market.


BenQ is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer and is known for its high-end professional gaming monitors.

BenQ monitors offer a superior design, with excellent picture quality, and superior performance. There are no quality control issues on the BenQ monitors, and they offer the top-of-the-line features in the market.

Therefore, BenQ monitors are the go-to choice for many professional gamers.

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