How to Move Task Manager to other Monitor

Gaming is more fun with more monitors. Many gamers prefer two or even three monitors to have the best gaming experience. Often the screen freezes and lags during gaming. If the frozen screen is the central one that often has the Task Manager then you can use it to terminate the program easily.

But if the monitors freeze it can be difficult to get them back on running if they don’t have the task manager. The primary monitor usually has the task manager and you might need to move it to other monitors to fix those screen freezing and screen lagging issues. This article states some of the easy ways in which you can move your Task Manager to other monitors which are frozen or have a black screen. 

How to Move Task Manager to other Monitor – Methods

The following methods will help you to Move Task Manager to other Monitor.

Virtual Desktop Method 

You can use a virtual desktop easily to escape the frozen window. This Is one of the easiest ways to do it. The instructions stated below will help you use this method. 

  • You first need to have the Switcher. To do this press Windows+Tab. 
  • To start a new virtual desktop that is not frozen and has nothing on it, press the + key. 
  • Since this new window doesn’t have the frozen program you can call your Task Manager on this window and run it to end the program that is frozen. 

Moving task manager using Alt+Tab

  • To first choose the Task Manager, press Alt and Tab together. 
  • If the above step works then you will be able to use the Snap keyboard shortcut keys. These are Windows and left/right arrow keys. Press the keys in the direction opposite to that of the screen that has the game. 
  • You will then be able to open Screen Setting. Change the default monitor to the side one. 
  • If the above step was successful you will be able to open the task manager in the side monitor now. 

Moving Task Manager using Alt+D

In many cases when you try to open the task manager it gets covered by the full-screen window of your gaming program. In this case, you might try the below steps if the above method is not working for you. 

  • Press Alt+Tab to check the Task Manager’s state. 
  • If it is in compact mode currently, try to get it out of it. To do this press Alt+D and get into the details mode. 
  • Now you will need to opt for the Always on Top option. To do this type Alt+O and then Alt+D. 
  • If the above steps are successful, the Task Manager will be brought to the top and it will allow you to shut the frozen program altogether. 

Reboot your PC 

If the above-stated ways don’t seem to work for you, you can try the conventional method of rebooting your PC. This will most likely start everything fresh. If you face the issues of frozen programs often while gaming we recommend you update your PC and make a scan for any possible viruses in the system that might be causing the issue. 

To Sum it Up 

Screens getting frozen or lagging while gaming is not a rare issue and can be fixed easily. If the frozen screen has the Task Manager then you can easily get rid of the freeze.

In case the side monitor freezes and it doesn’t have the Task Manager then you will need to move the task manager to the frozen monitor in order to terminate the program. The above steps will hopefully help you do this and get rid of the frozen screen. 

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