No DP Signal from your Device Dell Monitor

It is common for Dell users to meet with the “No DisplayPort Signal” error message while setting up their display. There can be various reasons behind this error popping up. The most common cause of this error is cables between the display and computer not being connected properly.

Another cause could be the configuration of the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu of the display. In most cases, dealing with this issue can be easy. This article states a few ways in which you can fix this error. 

No DP Signal from your Device Dell Monitor (Reasons & Fixes)

The following solutions will help you to solve your display issue.

1. Checking DisplayPort connection

This issue mainly arises from improper connections. Connections can loosen up very easily. It is recommended that you unplug the connector from the port and then plug it back in. You should make sure the connection is tight. If there is any damage to the ports you might need to replace them. 

2. On-screen Display Configuration

The On-Screen display configuration has four signal input options. These are: DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort, HDMI 1, and HDMI 2. It is important that the cable configuration from the computer graphics adapter matches the cable input to the display. DisplayPort allows for Multi-Stream Technology and is also the most versatile of all the options. It allows both audio and data transmission. Mini DisplayPort is similar to DisplayPort but has a smaller connector. HDMI is used by most TVs and Multimedia devices. 

You need to check which port the On-Screen Configuration is configured for. If it is configured for a different port than the active video signal, The main screen will not display and it will show an error. Press the different buttons numbered from one to five according to the options they highlight and select the right port. 

3. Updating Graphics Driver

This error might show up if your graphic card is not compatible or is faulty. It is recommended that you update the graphics driver. To manually update, you might need to visit the manufacturer’s website and check for the latest updates, and then install them. If not, you can adopt the automatic update option. This will keep your driver updated and will likely solve this issue. 

4. Test with another cable 

If this error is being caused by a hardware issue, you can check it by testing your DisplayPort connection with another DisplayPort cable or even with another computer or monitor. If the computer is causing trouble you might need to reach out to the manufacturer or the professional to fix it. If it falls under warranty you can also get it replaced. 


It is not rare for Dell users to face the error saying ‘No DP Signal’. This issue might be a cause of a software issue, the graphic card’s driver, or the hardware of the computer. This issue is usually easily solved by the user and might not need any professional assistance.

This article states the ways you can try to fix this issue if you are struggling with it and it will most likely be resolved in no time.

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