PS4 Pro on 1440p Monitor

For gamers around the world, gaming programs’ specifications are a serious topic of concern. PS 4 pro is best recommended on a 4 K display monitor. Although not all users are using it on a 4 K monitor. They sure do meet with certain glitches and inconveniences.

But if it does not prove to be too bad, you could perhaps work with a 1440 p monitor as well. If 4 K is not an option for you right now, you might be interested to know what 4 K would look like on a 1440 p monitor and if it is manageable. This article attempts to answer this question and a few other concerns around it. 

What Does PS4 Pro Look Like on a 1440p monitor?

The PS4 Pro does not have a 1440 p output. Therefore, on a 1440 p monitor, you can expect it to cause certain issues. These might be heating and noise issues, alongside the expected issue of it looking worse than it would look on a native 1080 p screen. 

Ps4 was designed with an outlook of being enjoyed on a big screen, similar to a TV. These days TVs have far crossed the 1440 p mark and are available in much higher resolutions. Although many users have monitors that do take HDMI input, PS4 was not built at a time where this was as common. It is a console that was fairly designed to be plugged into bigger screens. 

Super Sampling

PS4 Pro will ONLY output at 1080p or 4K. If you are using a 1440p display it will treat it like it’s a 1080p display. And hence to adjust and align the different resolutions, there is going to be some supersampling.

But since the resolution of your screen is far lower than required, it is going to super sample the graphic down to 1080 p and then scale it back up to fit your screen. This will most likely not give good quality graphics and will not look as good as it would on a native 1080 p screen. 

The output that you get after super sampling might or might not look as blurry to you, it depends on the size of your monitor. Some users report it to not look as bad as they were expecting it to look. While many users get it blurry and bad due to the resolution mismatch between the output and the monitor’s native display capability.

If your screen size is mediocre, and not too small, this might not end up as bad as you would expect it to. Also, if the game can be comfortably played even in low resolution and does not require much attention to detail, it might not turn out too bad for you. Although 1440 p is not preferable for PPS4 Pro, in certain situations it might not be so difficult to deal with. 

To Sum it Up

1440 p is not preferred for PS4 since its output is in 1080 p. But if you wish to try out if the match could work for your specific desktop and game, the above article will give you an idea of what you can expect based on popular user experiences.

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