Red Pixels on Monitor – How to Fix?

Sometimes you can have pixels on your monitor’s screen that are stuck. These will most probably look red and cause hindrance in your viewing experience. You can see these red pixels for various reasons. It could be because of your system not being up-to-date or issues with your screen itself. 

The good thing is this problem is not permanent and can be fixed easily in most cases. You can try certain methods to red rid of these pixels. This article states some easy ways to fix these red pixels so that you can have your normal viewing pleasure back. 

Red Pixels on Monitor Fix (Methods)

You can try the following ways to fix the Red Pixels on Monitor issue easily within a few minutes. So let’s start our steps.

Method 1: Checking the Cables

One of the more common causes of pixels getting stuck are cables and the damage and wear in them. We recommend that you carefully check all cables to make sure they are plugged properly and are all in good condition. If you see any damage to the cables, it is best if you replace them with new and reliable ones.

You can also unplug all of the cables and then plug them back in properly to see if it makes any change in the screen. Make sure you change the ports if you are using HDMI cables. Changing the ports and replacing the damaged cables usually solve the problem. 

Method 2: Color Cycling Software

When pixels are stuck on the screen of the monitor they appear red. To revive them into their normal appearance, a technique of color cycling is used. In color cycling, a pattern of colors is used to possibly help unstick the pixel from the screen. There are many color cycling software available online for free. Some of these include Jscreen, Undead Pixel, and Pixel Healer. 

You can download these programs for free and run them on your system to see if they can help fix the issue. Please note that this software is mainly for pixels that are stuck and not for the ones that are dead. The stuck pixels appear red while the dead pixels appear completely black.

Method 3: Pixel Massage 

This is a manual method you can try out to fix the pixels if the above methods don’t work. The pixels that appear red are in a permanently ‘on’ position. This method of pixel massaging is used to turn them ‘off’. Mark the red pixels with tape around them and then turn off the system.

 To turn off the pixel you will need to press it very gently with a soft cloth that is mildly damp. It is highly recommended that you touch the screen or press it very lightly. Applying more pressure could make the condition worse. After doing this you can turn on the system and check if it made any difference. If it still appears red you can repeat the process until it is back to normal. 

While doing this you need to make sure you are pressing very gently and the cloth is soft and only mildly damp. Please refrain from using a wet cloth. It is advised to only try this technique if the monitor has run out of warranty. If the warranty is applicable, you can avoid the risk of damaging the screen further and just replace it. 

Method 4: Change Power Supply 

Latest Hardware like RAMs, Graphic Cards(GPU), processors (CPU), monitors, etc. might need more power supply than usual. If the power supply is not updated according to the need, such problems commonly take place.

We recommend that you download any benchmark tool to make sure you are providing your system with a sufficient power supply. While running the Benchmark tests, if the pixels look worse then you might need to change your power supply. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Causes Red Pixels Issues on a Monitor?

There are numerous causes for the red pixel issue on a monitor. The red pixel issue on the monitor arises mainly due to the faulty cable.

Can Dead Pixels Be Red?

No dead pixels cannot be red. Red pixels are stuck pixels. The dead pixels on the monitor screen turn black.

Can Stuck Pixels on the Monitor Be Fixed?

Yes, you can fix the stuck pixels on a monitor. Above, we have compiled a complete step-by-step guide for fixing stuck pixels.

To Sum it Up 

Red pixels on the screen can make the screen look awful and come in your way of watching things that you love. But fortunately, this issue is not very rare and is fairly easy to fix. This article states some ways which will hopefully help you fix this problem and get back to your normal screen.

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