Sceptre Monitor Not Turning On Issue [Solutions]

Even though Sceptre has a strong lineup of affordable monitors, there are a few challenges with them. Sceptre monitor no signal error is a challenge that is reported by many home-based users. Let’s look at how to fix it.

Firstly, unplug the power cable from the outlet for a minute and then plug it back in. If the monitor does not turn on, make sure the power cable is connected to the power outlet as well as the back of the monitor. As well as ensure that  your monitor’s display resolution settings are properly selected.

A replacement of the motherboard or power supply unit is required if the monitor does not power up.

Sceptre Monitor not Turning On- Detailed Troubleshooting

If your Sceptre monitor has no power at all, in that case, it is likely that the power board is dead, or that the power cord is broken. Make sure the monitor has power from a different wall socket as well. 

A flashing led on the monitor’s front indicates a fault condition instead. In diagnostic terms, flashing indicates a protection state. Monitors going into protection have only two possible causes.

  1. A bad voltage reading by the main chip on your monitor controller board has jammed the internal circuits due to electrostatic charges accumulating on capacitors. As a result, the protection circuit started.
  2. The protection circuit is triggered by an incorrect voltage or a broken contact, which identifies an internal fault, triggering the flashing light.

If you’re in situation one, then unplugging the power cord from the monitor for one or two hours, sometimes even minutes, will reset the monitor. Situation 2 indicates an internal problem.

A blown capacitor on the power board, an inverter board supplying power to the backlight lamp, or a fault on the main LCD controller board are all common faults that can occur suddenly.

The video cable can cause the same flashing state if the cable is shorted or the connector is faulty.

Ensure that connectors are in place, try moving the video cable, and if this does not work, try a replacement cable.

Sceptre Monitor Showing No Signal – 10 Solutions

In no signal issue, the monitor usually fails to detect the computer and shows no images or anything else. So, You should check your sceptre monitor input message if you are facing no signal issue.  Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow.

1. Unplug and Reboot Monitor and PC

You should unplug your monitor and computer before you try anything else. Plug everything back in after 30 seconds, then turn the monitor on first, followed by the computer. Sceptre monitor users have reported that this simple solution worked for them after having tried everything else.

If you unplugged and restarted your devices and still the Sceptre monitor wouldn’t display?

You don’t have to worry just yet – move on to step 2.

2. Set Monitor to Correct Input

You need to ensure your monitor is set to the correct input if you encounter the Sceptre monitor with no signal message. In order to do this, you need to identify your input cable type.

There are 4 different types of cables supported by Sceptre monitors: HDMI, DisplayPort (DP), DVI and VGA.

Find the Source or Input button on your monitor after identifying the cable you are currently using. On most monitors, the Source/Input button will be located either in the middle or on the right. Either it will be at the bottom or at the back of the display.

You may first need to use the Menu button on some Sceptre monitors, then select Input. You will see options on your monitor after pressing the Input and/or Menu buttons. Select the input option that corresponds to your cable until you find the correct one.

3. VGA Cable is not Connected Properly

The monitor may not receive a signal from the computer if the VGA cable is not properly connected. Connect the VGA cable firmly to the monitor and computer by securing both ends of the cable. Try connecting the monitor with another VGA cable if the VGA cable is defective.

4. Inspect Display Cables

An error can occur even if the connection is slightly broken. A  tiny space between HDMI or any other display cable and HDMI port can trigger no signal issue. Next, ensure that the cable is not blocked or damaged. Look for visible damage. Last but not least, try using a different input cable.

Consider switching to a DP, DVI or VGA cable instead of HDMI if you are specifically using HDMI. Make sure to follow the process in step 1 again when trying a new cable and make sure to adjust the display input accordingly.

When the problem is resolved by switching to another display cable, it is likely that the display cable was faulty.

5. Check Monitor Resolution Settings

You can choose from several different display resolutions using your Sceptre monitor. There is a possibility that the graphic card in your computer is set to a resolution higher than your monitor can support. A no signal message could be the result of this.

Connect your PC to another monitor and lower your resolution settings to the lowest level to solve this problem.

From the settings menu, select Display, then adjust the resolution as necessary.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a second monitor, you can reboot your computer in Safe Mode. Safe Mode automatically lowers the display resolution of your computer. 

You can now lower the standard display resolution on your computer by accessing the resolution settings.

6. Driver is Not Installed for the Monitor

A monitor may not receive a signal from the computer if the monitor’s driver isn’t installed. Try unplugging the VGA cable from the computer or monitor and reconnecting it. If you are successful, the computer will detect the monitor and install the drivers automatically.

Run “update device drivers” from the start menu if the computer does not automatically install the drivers.

7. Make Sure Input Cable is Plugged into Graphic Card

Almost all desktop PCs come with an on-board graphics unit and corresponding connections on the back of your monitor. You should ensure that the monitor cable is directly connected to the graphic card, not the motherboard, if you are experiencing this issue. It is often as simple as that with a desktop PC.

8. Reset CMOS/BIOS

Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor is the abbreviation for CMOS. CMOS batteries in laptops and computers power the BIOS firmware. The BIOS is the Basic Input/Output System of a computer and manages all the essential features.

It can often fix a number of different issues if you reset your BIOS to its previous settings. Ensure that your computer is unplugged, that the power cord is disconnected, and that you are grounded properly.

Now, from the motherboard, take out the CMOS battery. Keep holding down the power button until all remaining power has been drained.

Approximately a minute after removing the CMOS battery, reinsert it back into your PC.

Check if your display works after rebooting your computer.

9. Graphics card is damaged

The monitor may not receive a signal if the graphics card is damaged. The computer’s graphics card might need to be replaced in this situation.

10. Remove, Reorder and Reseat RAM Sticks

Your Sceptre monitor might show no signal if the RAM (Random Access Memory) sticks are not properly connected. To correct this, firstly turn off your computer and unplug its power cord.

Secondly, ensure that you are properly grounded, open your computer unit, and completely remove each of your RAM sticks.

Lastly, Reorder the sticks and place them back in the RAM seats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Sceptre monitor not working?

When your Sceptre monitor does not receive a signal, it is usually because something is wrong with the connection. When a signal does not reach a Sceptre monitor, it is usually because of an improperly connected HDMI or VGA cable. Connect them again, making sure they are seated properly in their ports.

How do you fix a black screen on a Sceptre monitor?

Reboot your HDCP video device by unplugging the power cord and turning it off. Reconnect the power after waiting up to 8 minutes to see if it works. You can try turning the monitor off for 10 seconds and then turning it back on if you are still having problems.

Why is my Sceptre TV screen black but has sound?

AUDIO IS GOOD – There is no picture, but there is sound. Verify that you have a good signal if you’re watching television. It’s possible that the picture will be lost if the signal is bad, but the audio will still play. Turn the TV off, unplug the power for 10 minutes, then plug it back in.

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