How big is my monitor

How big is my monitor?

Different monitors come with different screen sizes and display sizes that vary from brand to brand and technology to technology. You will find desktop monitors with sizes from 13 inches …

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How to change Hz on monitor

How to change Hz on monitor?

Hz is a unit used to measure the refresh rate of monitors and systems. Refresh rate is defined as the ability of the monitor to refresh a picture number of …

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How to split screen on two monitors

How to split screen on two monitors?

Pro-gamers, professional video editors, heavy-duty online workers, and now office employees with heavy screen work are very impressed with the split screen and multiple monitors technology nowadays. They are getting …

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Why buy a monitor instead of a TV

Why buy a monitor instead of a TV?

Monitors and TVs are getting popular these days because companies and brands are providing you with more enhanced features and specifications to beat their competitors and give their audience a …

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Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx Review

Best g sync gaming monitor under 500

One enhancement to ensure smoother game results is to obtain a monitor using variable refresh rate technology for players aiming for the most seamless gameplay experience possible. And maybe none …

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lenovo 24 inch monitor

Best Gaming Monitor under 250

If you’re looking for the best gaming monitor under 250, there are fantastic options available. There are some decent budget picks, great for casual gamers. Lower costs, mostly with smaller …

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