Best Monitor for Video Editing and Gaming (Reviewed in 2022)

Best Monitor for video editing and gaming

With all the equipment and software available in recent times, Gaming and Video Editing have really caught up and become famous in current times. Many folks are engaged in either of the two or even both. It isn’t like before where gaming and video editing was considered only a hobby; now it’s a job that …

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Studio Monitors VS Speakers – Which one is Better?

Studio Monitors VS Speakers

Studio Monitors are used in the process of recording, mastering, and mixing songs. There are various types of Studio Monitors, all for different purposes. These are different from the regular speakers that are used at home or events. Studio monitors are built to sound different and often need technical knowledge for handling.  In comparison, home …

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Best Monitor for Architecture Students (Reviewed in 2022)

Best monitor for architecture students

Architecture is a job that requires you to spend loads of time in front of a laptop or monitor screen. This is especially true for architecture students or people who are getting into the field of architecture. It isn’t like before when people spent hours together drawing up plans on paper. With the improvement in …

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Best Studio Monitors for Small Room (Reviewed in 2022)

Best studio monitors for small room

When it comes to good gaming or music experiences, none of us would want to settle for low or mediocre quality experiences because of the intensity of the experiences. The games and music nowadays, need to be enjoyed and experienced according to how they are made or produced or designed. For that we need the …

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Best 27-inch Monitor for Work (Reviewed in 2022)

Best 27-inch monitor for work

In the current years, having a great monitor to work on is if not the most important thing, then it is one of the most important things you require for work. A monitor encompasses a person’s whole work life. All your data, numbers, everything you work on will always be with you on your monitor. …

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Best Monitor for Samsung Dex (Reviewed in 2022)

Best Monitor for Samsung Dex

The Samsung DeX allows you to take your multitasking to a professional next level. The Samsung DeX combines hardware and software that gives you the full multitasking feels, allowing you to convert your smartphone or tablet into a desktop. Keep in mind that the Samsung DeX doesn’t replace your monitor, but rather it is an …

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Cheap Gaming Monitor for Xbox One in 2022

Cheap Gaming Monitor for Xbox One

A gaming monitor takes your gaming experience to the next level. But picking a gaming monitor is not as simple as picking up just any monitor from the shelf. It would help if you had some requirements or more like you should have some criteria for choosing like a resolution of 1080p or above, bright …

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Best Monitor for Digital Artists in 2022

Best Monitor for Digital Artists

The want for Digital artists has increased in recent years, and so has the monitors in the market for them. There are some features that digital artists look for and should have in their monitors. The main one is color accuracy. For artists, the colors and the color spectrum play an essential role. Artists need …

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Best Studio Monitors for Mixing and Mastering in 2022

Best Studio Monitors for mixing and mastering

Studio monitors play an essential role in getting the music or the audio results you wish for or need. Studio monitors help us understand the audio that we are working on and how we can improve it better. Without this understanding of the audio which we get through studio monitors, it would be not easy …

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Best Monitor for BMPCC 4k in 2022

Best Monitor for BMPCC 4k

BMPCC stands for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, which gives you the professional touch that you need and maybe require. It is portable, professional, and even affordable. It is ideal for documentaries, independent films, blogs, videos, wedding photography, fashion shows, pictures, etc. However, if you wish to make best use of BMPCC, then it needs to …

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